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Arden, officially the Kingdom of Arden, is an independent kingdom and sovereign state located on the continent of Rivandol to the Est, with has long been a political ally of the kingdom, the kingdoms of Othiria and Thasslia to the south, the Kingdom of Buschow to the South-West and the Free Province of Porthclaw to the West.


Pop. rank Province Capital Population
1 Arden (Province) Arcastle 649'331
2 Rosarium (Province) Rosen 393'959
3 Herzen Malden 228'072
4 Sollas Sollas 260'880
5 Brunn Ebenkorben 247'495
    Schwerte 122'450
8 Burgerland Neunster 121'112
9 Kralz Bad Axweiler 92'391
10 Treller Trellerborn 77'410
11 Ost Krigen Kreuzheim 72'749
12   Gössen 63'082
13 West Krigen Lauenburg 56'508
14 Othringen Damfelder 25'130


The Maiden Plains are located in the heart of the kingdom and provide most of the arable lands, with scattered forests, rivers and lakes. The South is dominated by the Black Range, acting as a border with the kingdom of Rivandol is plains with some hills to the North.


Arden enjoys a strong economy with excess food and commodities which is exports to neighbouring countries. Cattle herding and cloth selling are also a lucrative occupation. Stone mining is a recent addition to the economy following the conquest of the province of Othringen during the Punishment War.

It's main export partners are the Republic of Rivandol, the Kingdom of Orlene.


The kingdom is an absolute monarchy controlled the King of Arden, which is currently King Maximus von Arden from his seat of power in Arcastle.


Following a rebellion against the republic of Orlene during the War of Six Families lead by Sifgrid of house Rosenberg, the region became its own kingdom in 410 AC.

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