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The group fathered for lunch as always, and planed for the Autumn Hunt, starting the next day. Christopher acted differently and would only share info about Vékell if they accept a bet without knowing the ruls. Christopher gives back to Sett the pouch that Nastus stole. After a lot of talking and debating, Christopher goes alone to a location he suspects Vékell to be, informing only Ratyn.

Christopher takes a long time exploring some pyramids, and eventually enters from the top, fall down, and teleports to his watch.

After a while, sensing that Christopher takes too long, Ratyn alerts the others of what's going on. They make hast and arrive at the pyramids, and after some confusion, find the entrance shut at the top. They see Christopher's clock at the bottom of the whole, and Ratyn climbs down on a rope, when Christopher appears and addresses a giant amber stone as Vékell, and everyone's larysin starts vibrating.

We start the session with Ratyn and Christopher down in a dark chamber with Vékell, and the rest on top of the Pyramid.

Created by Jay prije 3 mjeseca. Last modified by Jay prije 1 mjesec

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