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Last we left off, we start with Sett punshing Nastus Derivern in the face, leaving him with a black eye and slightly bruised lip. Nastus, not in a mood for an ass-whooping by Sett, throws Christopher's money pouch on the table and leaves with his goonies.

Aggma, Christopher and Oris head off to the bells to ask Martha Thinstrung about the famed dragon that no one remembers looking for. They meet Valis and Ludwig Grene at the entrance of a quiet school; Martha took the kids out to Fredstone for some magical exercices. Ludwig invites them to his moon base. He doesn't know much, being new to Tilley, but informs the party that the dragon is named Vékell. As they leave, he asks Oris about time where he's from, and goes on a tangeant about the problems with the Thaelian Calendar.

The whole group meets up at Kai's Tea House, where they discuss their findings. Sett gives Christopher his pouch back, and Christopher pays for the pumpking latés and salted biscuits.

Oris and Aggma head out to find Nastus, while the rest go to Fredstone to ask Martha. They find her with the students and a few armed parents practicing enlarge spells on plants. Martha shares the story of a man who she look at with this amnesia. She managed to remove the modify memory spell, seeing a vision of the dragon in an amber egg. But the man, now with his memory back, was struck by terrible fear, resulting in a heart attack. She knows Ludwig to have necklaces that can protect from having ones memory altered, but can't help for the fear, whatever it was. The party also enquire about the famous moon-pond that can catch the moon. She says that in the bell archives, she found a mention that Ernest Cobbler did pay for his son to study at the school. This was before his fame and wealth, and apparently he pulled out a spoon from the pond, and used it as payment. The teachers at the time deemed it sufficient payment, identifying it as clearly magical.

As they head back to town, a kid gets tangled up in an uncontrolled enlarge spell on some roots and vines, wrapping its foot and dangling him upside down. Ratyn does the classical 360 noscope headshot, freeing the kid, and continuing her journey as nothing happened. The kids were thrilled, and the saved kid now treasures the arrow.

In the meanwhile, Oris and Aggma quickly find Nastus. Aggma heals his bruises, and gets her financial fortune read by Nastus. He asks for a nail clipping, crushes it in a mortar, mixes it with some blue drops and distilled water, places it in a copper bowl, and starts his ritual. Aggma, having detect magic up, can tell that he is casting Prestidigitation on the bowl, causing it to appear boiling. Nastus reads a rich future for Aggma, but with a downfall. To counter this, he offers to share at a huge discount a "luck inducing ball" to her for 50 GP, which is haggled down to 30 GP. They both recognise the luck ball as Larysine. Nastus warns them never to touch the ball with their bare hands, or it will reverse their fates and bring them terrible luck. They buy the larysine, and before heading off, Nastus tells Oris that one of his siblings is with the duke's daughter Qeral Arkelow.

Oris and Aggma also head out, and have a look at their new purchase. Contrary to the other larysines they've seen, this one is a lot translucent and soft in colour, and the humming and vibration is also softer. Oris decides to touch it, because Oris is Oris.

-- break --

As he touches it, he can see a whole year fly by in just a few seconds. The larysine sucks a year of his life force out. Aggma, noticing something is wrong, tries to remove the light amber coloured gem, but hesitates for a moment as some force inside her head tries to stop her. Luckily she comes over it and frees Oris from this state. Poor Oris collapses, exhausted, dizzy, and confused. She brings him back to his house, before meeting up with the rest of the party.

Probing Aggma about Oris' whereabouts, Ratyn discovers the truth, and heads home rather than lash out at Aggma. The rest go out for drinks at the The 34, a student bar, where they meet up with Nida Velponda. They share drinks, learn that her mates are trying to get her to join them for the hunt, that she might know where Glen Itchy-feet Harris will be hiding, but feels that the most difficult part is defeating him in combat.

Eventually everyone is home. Christopher, slurry after just two beers, knocks off a box in his new home as he heads to bed, revealing a map of the surrounding area with what seems to be indications of where Vékell could be located, and notes that he is planning to visit it.

We find our party gathering for lunch. They have the day to finish preparations, as the Autumn Hunt is tomorrow!

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