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- Diony was traveling with her parents in the world. the goal was to experience the energy of a lot of people, trees, rivers and so on. Her Mother loved trees. her father loves butterflys. Thats why trees and butterlfys have a special meaning for Diony.

It was a fun and lovely time and Diony was happy. Sitting at the fireplace, playing instruments together sleeping under the stars, running with foxes and singing with birds…All day the family was singing, telling storys, playing theatre, were fascinated from the wonder of the nature…all in all it was a happy time for Diony.

Her family belives that money alone makes not happy. its just a form of energy like everything else in the universe. So they dont hort money instad they give the energy to somebody else and get another form of energy back. They get money or food for singing, telling storys, helping sick people with ther wisdom about the nature.


when the family visited Medina Dony gets a havy sunburn and has to stay in the tent. Her parents wanted to get healmedicin from the nature. And never came back.

Diony belives this all happen because of her sunburn and this was the only day her parents forgot theirs instruments at home. Diony is certain that thei would have come back, if their had their instruments with them…Diony stayed with other satires because there are all together a big family. but it was not the same.

She heard the old ones wisper that her mother had become a Oak that she loved so much and her father become a butterfly and lives now in the leafes of the oak and they steyed still together. there is the tale that if a satire dies he incarnade as the energy he loves the most, almost like the legend of the nymphs and dryades

So somewhere in this sandy land there is somewhere her mother as an oak and her father as a butterfly still staying together or as an incarnation. Diony belive in this tale.

Because of the sunburn she is special careful and a bit scared of the energy of the sun. but she is aweare that she is no longer a little child and has another energy as before. because of the time she had to stay in the tend and was not able to go around with her parents she dont like to stay in one place to long.

Diony has the talent to play music with everything. even with a carrot. she belives that sometimes there a not enough words to discripe and prise something so she plays her instrument. every wonder in this world gives so much energy…and she is able to give some of the energy back as a thanks and praise in form of music. that’s why Diony is not able to pass a beautiful tree/person/animal/everything without playing a song for it.



Her best friend is her (Chinese) bawu flute
when she was a baby her first steps lead her stread to a great tree. As she touched this tree she felt for the firast time her feeds on the eath connected. not anymore a little baby with energy in the sky. and her mother and father carve her bawu flute out of a branch of the tree for her (with a lot of praise and dance for the tree).

because of her traveling she stayed not long with her friends. But in Medina she met (MARCO/ MAXI/ LISA/ YASEE?) and find an friendly energy and stayed in touch with this person.

Diony has a friend from her homeland. A satyr name Aigidos. She stays in touch with him though letters in a secret writing that they invent. 

tortle olo (mentor, below)



Diony dislike people who distroy the nature. Her parents told her that even that is energy and they try to see no bad or bad energy. but Diony has problem with this philosophy and tries to learn this way of thinking.

On her journey she got to know an orc named Shogog. Diony thinks he is nerve-wracking loud when it should be silent and break things when she wanted to get to know the energy and so on...she knows he stays at the moment in the same village as her but she trays to dodge him.

There is a rumor about Shogog that he was not always an Orc. Diony hears the whispering that he gets cursed and become an orc because of angering a godees. thats why he behave always in unusual manners.


Diony learned a lot from her parents like writing (and singing, dancing, playing theatre, whistling, star constellations, edible plants, religion and so on) and a lot more from the nature and people Diony  met while the traveling.

she wants to know more about energy in everything and the whole big universe. A lot impression made a Tortle Olo Bimsek who stayed with her and her parents a while back. her parents told him about the energy and the tortle Olo told a lot of stories about the underwater world. Diony was amazed about the world beyond the water that she didn't know yet

Thats why Diony had not a classical education or classes. She gets to know what she was interessted in.


Diony has some goals in her life like: get to play a lot more music and instruemnts

give a lot of energy to beautiful things in form of music

get to know the under water world 

and along the way in her traveling maybe she will find the oak with the butterfly and would be able to show that she is okay and lives a happy healthy life.

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