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Specialised Learning 🧙‍♀️

Specialised Learning 🧙‍♀️

maio 2º 2022 - maio 31º 2022

Welcome to the latest worldbuilding prompt of 2022!

This month, we want to learn about your world's Jedi Academies, Xavier Institutes and Hogwarts. What do the students learn in this school? What's the school's founding story? How does it select students? Is it just one of many schools and has a deep rivalry with another school, resulting in the prank wars of 2006?

The winner will get the following rewards:

  • The Wordsmith Discord role
  • Their campaign featured on our featured campaigns list for two months
  • Be a jury in the next prompt
  • Get an additional campaign booster!

We look forward to seeing your submissions 😊

Photo by Jasmine Coro on Unsplash

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