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Maybe you know your history. Maybe not. But you're pretty sure it didn't go like this...It's 1821. A third of the world is ruled by the British Crown with Bloody Charlotte, 4th child of the late King George the Third and Vampire Empress sitting on the throne. The British nobility is made up of her kine, blood-bound to their Queen and reigning from Victorian Citadels shrouded by perpetual storm clouds, cast out by the corrupting presence of a manufactured class of soldier-slaves. The Promethean Guards.Maybe you were once human, or you thought you were anyway. You know better now, but that's a small horror next to the time, the reality, you find yourself in. You are displaced in time and reality both. A monster from another time. A person from another history. One where Vampires don't openly rule Britain, where the Holy Roman Empire hasn't turned to impossible magics to ward their borders and where colonies rebelled from their imperial masters, seeking their own, flawed ...

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Harper was born in 21st century America (LA). A child of the Zoomer generation, they were raised by parents struggling to survive in a nation that promised wealth and power, but delivered none. Harper watched their parent’s struggle and internalized that fight. Phrases long dead, fight the man and truth to power, dominated Harper’s worldview as they grew in a hostile and collapsing world. This fire might’ve helped Harper lead revolutions in her home. Instead, it drew the eyes of Fae. Drawn in like a moth to flame, Harper’s keeper stole them away on their 19th birthday. Desiring the fire within Harper, their Keeper created elaborate plays and reenactments. The revolts against capitalism of the 20th century played out before Harper day after day, though they were now the main character. Harper reveled in this for a time, but the endless playacting did eventually get old. As the fire died in Harper’s eyes, their Keeper’s interest wained. Eventually, the Keeper stopped putting on plays. Harper was relegated to a forgotten corner, their Keeper dropping in nightly to attempt to relight the fire in Harper. These visits slowly escalated from asking, to pleading, to violence, and to more unpleasant things. It’s attempts unsuccessful, Harper’s broken form was unceremoniously tossed into the Hedge.

Tarot: Page of Wands


A young person. Tall with a body plan that initially strikes as feminine, but becomes more androgynous the more you look at it. Long, dark hair frames a narrow face. The rest of their form follows this same lithe, narrow plan. Dresses in dark colors. Appears punk or goth. Makeup is minimal.


Harper’s role as a playmate wasn’t particularly solid. Their keeper shaped and reshaped their body constantly, twisting it into whatever form was pleasing each night. Harper’s mein reflects this lack of commitment from their Keeper. Their form is almost completely androgynous, especially in the clothing that Harper prefers now. Twigs and leaves take the place of hair on Harper’s head. Harper says its a remnant of the hedge, but those distrustful of playmates say that the roots grasp and search for Harper’s keeper.

DOB: 12/09/2022

Date Taken: 12/09/2041

The Guardians of the Veil are the sons and daughters of Visus Draconis (or "Eye of the Dragon") and serve as enforcers, secret police and spies for the Lex Magica and Consilii that hold to its tenets. Oftentimes social pariahs, they are considered by Awakened society to be assassins. Down through the centuries, disguise and infiltration have been honed to levels unheard of by any Sleeper intelligence agency. They have developed 49 different types of identities, called Masques (in game terms, Masques are based on all possible combos of the seven traditional Virtues and Vices). A favored infiltration/monitoring tactic is to temporarily intercept newly-Awakened who might be better suited among the other Orders and, after passing on some tantalizing question or other fact to the unaligned new mage, release him/her to be formally claimed by one of the other Orders; the other Order thus receives a new recruit who may or may not become a Guardian spy.

The guardians seek to keep the Diamond Wheel (their vision of the sacred path of creation) moving, whole, safe, and in balance; with this in mind they may make the sacrifices other Orders are simply unwilling to make so that all may fulfill the true destiny of magic. They also await the coming of the Hieromagus, who will unify Awakened society, seal the Abyss, and judge the Guardians' sins.

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An abandoned Shop with a damaged printing press. The Press could be repaired and worked to bring in some books and some cash...but if we print the wrong thing, if could attract attention.

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