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House of Pride Perfumes

A veritable glass jungle of bottles of all sizes, shapes, and hues, this well-stocked perfume shop carries scents from all over Faerûn. From ashes of burnt snowsnake to the musk of the female giant slug, the House of Pride has it all.

The shop and its wares are protected by a special enchantment that prevents glass from breaking. The glass here can still be vaporized or melted, but will not shatter or fall apart. Adding to its protections are the trained guard dogs raised by the proprietors, noted for their compact builds and extremely loyal temperament.

  • Address Melinter's Twists, Eastsnail, Dock Ward
  • Type Shop (Perfumes)
  • Price Range ⏺⏺⏺⏺🞅
  • Proprietor(s)

    The two sisters who run the House of Pride, Arleeth and Ilitel Harmeth, have whimsical senses of humor. The two of them always model several of their wares on various locations on their bodies.

  • The bombastic world traveler  Volothamp Geddarm is enjoying some downtime in Waterdeep following a successful book tour promoting his latest work, Volo's Guide to Monsters. He spends most of his free time in the taproom of the Yawning Portal, reuniting with old friends and mulling over his next book project.

    While he might have an inflated opinion of himself and his importance in the world, he's not without his charm. There is nothing he won't do to help a friend in need.

    Periodically throughout Waterdeep’s history, the byzantine factions of the city—or some significant subset thereof—will become collectively fixated upon some single objective.

    Thus will begin a Grand Game.

    Unlike The Noble Game, which is limited to the inner machinations of Waterdeep's noble families, Grand Games run beyond the scope of simple high society squabbling. Though some of a given Game's players will be noble houses or members thereof, others will be members of powerful factions with a strong presence in Waterdeep, small bands of adventurers, and even particularly canny individuals.

    Sometimes the goal of a Grand Game will be arcane. Often it is clandestine, although quite public struggles are not unknown; On no less than three occasions the Grand Game has revolved around the appointment of the Open Lord. Whatever the case, the intense rivalries of the Grand Game give birth to all forms of subterfuge, covert activities, deception, and intrigue.

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