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Clade is the first level of underworld power for the Dream Merchants in Dar Myan. Seemingly a mousy and reserved man, Clade wears a mask of calm, pretending to be nothing more than an apothecary. He is discreet and observant, cunning and careful. He's also a cold killer who helps facilitate the dreamlily trade through Dar Myan. Long ago, he lost all faith in the Path of Inspiration, but he doesn't know the true power behind the Dream Merchants.

The Upper Central ward is the most exclusive and expensive area of Sharn’s towers, surpassed in the city only by Skyway. It is home to some of the most powerful individuals in Breland, though it is far from the kingdom’s seat of government. More wealth flows through this single district than many cities ever see. With this great power comes enormous corruption, however, and more evil is done (or at least ordered) in Upper Central than a casual look would suggest.

Gold and power flow down from Upper Central. The district of Highest Towers is the seat of government, where city hall and the municipal archives are located. The Korranath is the name of both the central financial district and the grand temple of Kol Korran that dominates it. This district also houses the Kundarak Bank of Sharn and the Vaults, House Kundarak’s ostensibly impenetrable storage facility.

Some of Sharn’s wealthiest citizens live in the Mithral Tower district, and Platinum Heights is the most expensive market district in Sharn. It has fewer shops than the Bazaar of Dura, but if you’re looking for top-quality goods or services, there’s no finer—or more expensive—source to be found.

If you maintain no better than a poor lifestyle, many people in Upper Central will assume you’re a servant or vagrant; this could cause you to have disadvantage on Charisma checks involving residents.

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