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The Brotherhood of Steel is a militant organization devoted to the preservation of pre-War technology and human knowledge. Their professed mission is to preserve pre-War technology and human knowledge for the benefit of future generations. In practice, its definition of technology is strangely selective, ignoring basic but potentially useful technologies (genetic modification of crops and civil engineering, for example) in favor of combat technology such as energy weapons and power armor; and even now, nearly two centuries after the Great War, the Brotherhood zealously restrict the use and knowledge of such technologies to its own membership.[8]

The West Coast chapter operates a policy of strict isolationism: no outsiders are allowed anywhere near the bunker, and anyone found near it is killed. The only people cleared for surface access are nightly Hidden Valley patrols, scouts, and procurement specialists securing foodstuffs, water, and other necessities. All members of the chapter are direct descendants of the original Brotherhood, with no outside recruitment.[11] Combined with the fact that the chapter has lost half its number at HELIOS One and failed to recover its strength while the Republic's hold on the Mojave has only increased (with the number of troops alone increasing five times),[12] and that extended isolation is taking its toll on the chapter, its situation is precarious. While virtual reality simulators and firing range exercises keep the Knights and Paladins (many of whom have only virtual combat experience) sharp, the chapter is incommunicado to the rest of the Brotherhood.[13]

Without reinforcements or some kind of long term solution that doesn't involve hiding underground, it is sure to perish. This questionable policy has led Head Paladin Edgar Hardin to take steps to ousting the current Elder and implement his policy. While he has sympathizers who support his goal of replacing Nolan McNamara, he has not made any overt moves against the Elder out of respect. The Courier is the only known outsider to have visited the bunker, and thus can determine the fate of the ill-fated chapter. While Mr. House and Caesar want the Brotherhood dead, the NCR is a bit more flexible, and the Courier can instead negotiate a truce with the Brotherhood, which will ensure the Brotherhood's survival in the Mojave for some time. The Courier can only make a truce between the NCR and the Brotherhood if McNamara remains the elder.[14][15]

A grenade that emits smoke, obscuring the thrower's view from enemies.

Rank 1: Select a 4th Tag! Skill. (Tagged Skills are +15)

Rank 2: Select a 5th Tag! Skill. (A skill can only be Tagged once.)