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Jennhar Pilfaal

The Northern Light

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The Northern Light


Through the struggles of the harsh North, most seek simply to survive another day, others however strive to make Kälran a better place for both current and future generations. One such individual has made her mark on the peoples of Huldan, and inspires her extant nation to do as she does. Not a day goes by where she gives up in her pursuit for a greater world.

It is not from one set of means she achieves this, but a combination of many. The wonderful art she can dream up and create, evoking pleasant memories and hope for the future. The time she spends with others, helping them to accomplish their own oft thought lofty goals. Not to forget the words she weaves so assiduously, stirring the hearts of the masses.

She shares a well-earned nickname with her birthplace of Borealis, and brings true meaning to it at the same time: the Northern Light.

Gifted a necklace possessing one particularly potent shard of Raerite from Sondus Vajdorn herself, she has shown that there is nothing pale about her fire, and there will always be a light in the darkness as long as she lives.

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