Race on Minnoa is a blurry concept and is predicted to get blurrier as time passes. Many races can and do produce children with mixed genes which is rarely even something that is considered by most sentients, people who are in love and want to raise a child together seems perfectly natural whether it be two Gnomes, or a Goblin and a Tabaxi. This acceptance of a racially diverse melting pot is ingrained into the Sanctuary City's design making them all extremely accessible to  every type of sentient that had been recorded. Another thing the Sanctuary City Alliance did to encourage stronger communities was create the city birthing units, places where those who are incompatible genetically can go and through a ceremony where the parental spirits of Minnoa can be called on to administer the trials they require in order to spin a new soul from the parents combining some of each of their traits with a smattering of random possibilities dependent on the region.

This all means that since the dawn of the Modern Era, there has been a large upswing in racial diversity due to reproduction. This all obviated the need to distinguish anyone as half something, half elves and half orcs both started using the movement of claiming their identity as Thin Skins and Thick Skins respectively which developed into shorthand for anyone who's Elf, Human, Dwarf, etc... or OrcGoblin, Verdan, etc... lineages show more dominant. Later the term Beast Kin was coined by those who showed their animalistic lineage physically, while Extraplanar was coined by a newspaper editor for those whose Tiefling, Genasi, Fairy, or other Extraplanar lineage shows most dominantly.

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Christopher Bogart

As the plane of Minnoa itself is semi-sentient, and what it does in opening up portals for peoples in danger of genocide could be easily taken poorly by gods of all persuasion. Due to this, Minnoa actively hides itself from the minds of the gods which has the results of forming an Animism teleology to form within it's boundaries.

Animism is the belief that spirits inhabit every part of the natural world. In an animistic worldview, everything has a spirit, from the grandest mountain to the lowliest rock, from the great ocean to a babbling brook, from the sun and moon to a fighter’s ancestral sword. All these objects, and the spirits that inhabit them, are sentient, though some are more aware, alert, and intelligent than others. The most powerful spirits might even be considered deities. All are worthy of respect if not veneration.

Animists don’t typically pay allegiance to one spirit over the others. Instead, they offer prayers and sacrifices to different spirits at different times, as appropriate to the situation. A pious character might make daily prayers and offerings to ancestor spirits and the spirits of the house, regular petitions to important spirits such as the Seven Fortunes of Good Luck, occasional sacrifices of incense to location spirits such as the spirit of a forest, and sporadic prayers to a host of other spirits as well.

An animistic religion very tolerant. Most spirits don’t care to whom a character also offers sacrifices, as long as their domains are respected as they are due. People incorporate new spirits into their prayers without displacing the old ones. Contemplatives and scholars adopt complex philosophical systems and practices without changing their belief in and respect for the spirits they already venerate.

Animism functions as a large tight pantheon. Animist clerics serve the pantheon as a whole, and so can choose any domain, representing a favorite spirit for that cleric.

The history of Minnoa is wrought with the violent upheavals of displaced peoples and wildly differing cultural clashes. This is an attempt at piecing together clues from the past to understand where we are today so we can build a better future for the next generation.

Limbo is a plane of pure chaos, a roiling soup of impermanent matter and energy. Stone melts into water that freezes into metal, then turns into diamond that burns up into smoke that becomes snow, and on and on in an endless, unpredictable process of change. Fragments of more ordinary landscapes — bits of forest, meadow, ruined castles, and even burbling streams — drift through the disorder. The whole plane is a nightmarish riot.

Limbo has no gravity, so creatures visiting the plane float in place. A creature can move up to its walking speed in any direction by merely thinking of the desired direction of travel.

Limbo conforms to the will of the creatures inhabiting it. Very disciplined and powerful minds can create whole islands of their own invention within the plane, sometimes maintaining those places for years. A simpleminded creature such as a fish, though, might have less than a minute before the pocket of water surrounding it freezes, vanishes, or turns to glass. The slaadi live here and swim amid this chaos, creating nothing, whereas githzerai monks build entire monasteries with their minds.

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