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Griml and Grom



AKA: Brothers Above

Alignment: Chaotic

Dwarven gods of hubris and revenge. Though major deities of the dwarven pantheon, they're only venerated by exiles and outcasts.

By some believed to be minor gods to begin with, others say they were dwarven champions who later attained godhood. In either case they were unhappy with their position and so ventured into the skies, set on conquering them for themselves. They got the powers they wanted but realised they were trapped in the heavens. There they wait until the end of times, amassing an army of thralls with which they'll conquer the entire world.

Their followers traditionally burn their dead until only the charred bones remain which are interred in tombs. They believe the flesh of the body, turned to smoke, raises to the heavens where it is added to the thrall army.

Common exclamations and phrases: "Griml and Grom!", "Brothers Above!", "Black Bones!", "I'll sooner have my bones charred, than..."

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