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These are the stories of the brave heroes who sets out on a simple quest to help a dwarf, but one thing lead to another, and now events are set in motion that cannot be undone...

The Heroes

Aasimar • Cleric

A tavern chef who decided to join the party as they set out from Rivergrounds. Loves to prepare food and snacks. 

She has really dark, almost black, eyes and white/grey-ish nearly silvery hair. Across her right cheek there's a long scar, which she usually hides with her hair. 

Seems to be a rather strange Cleric and uncomfortable with the notion of praying. When asked by Dandelion about what she calls her God, she answered "Annoying bastard". 

Enjoys making food for the group, and tends to make small treats for at least one of them every morning. Though she does not trust other people's cooking. 

Firbolg • Druid

"Every life is valuable, and deserves to be honored"


A firbolg druid with green hair and yellow eyes. Her skin is tan with a green tint, and she wears simple clothes of earthy and green tones. She wields a simple wooden shield and the Staff of Defence, looted of Glasstaff.

Past and present

She comes from Faunus Forest, it's location unknown to most, but is later revealed to be the Spiral Woods / Faunus' Forest
She often mentions various gods, non of which anyone else has heard of. Faunus seems to be an important part of her faith. ,She seems horrified by Kal and her rather strained relationship with her God. 

Through talks the party has had along the road, Willowbark tells them she was exiled from her tribe for the safety of her tribesmembers and perhaps also herself. The forest was plagued by some unknown disease or infestation, that killed members of her tribe. Much is still unclear around her situation.

During talks with her party, it is revealed that Willowbark ha gone under a few different names. Thana and Pine have been heard so far

Willowbark is often seen doing rituals involving a pack of sticks and rocks she keeps curled up in a small piece of fabric. After battles, she collects the fallen and is adamant in giving them a sort of burial. 

Though she maintains the belief that all animals are free creatures, and should be their own master, she has a friendly relationship to her horse Speed


Fascinated by livestock, she is often found having conversations with cows or sheep. Currency and the aspect of gold and riches is foreign to her, much to her new friends dismay. She is often giving away money.
Naive and curious, she seems to not know a lot of the world. 

A creature of the forest

As a druid, Willowbark often talks to animals and plants, both wild and domesticated. She often uses her wildshape to turn into animals, currently preferring a wolf-shape. All her wildshape-animals have a slight tint of green to their fur, much like the slight green tint to her own skin.


Tiefling • Bard/Warlock

A pink tiefling bard with nothing but goodness in her heart

Oooh BUTTERFLY! *runs along*

Even in all the happiness, Penny has a goal. She wants to find her mentor Morgan Lowblade who suddenly disappeared one night. And her flute.. Her awesome flute :(

She has been learning how to count together with Granny, and is doing really well!

After Clearing out Wave Echo Cave she took an item of a wall. It did... something...

Changeling • Warlock

Current Location


Meta Knowledge

Récemment modifié

  • Everyone starts with one feat on level 1
  • Either rolled or average hit dice on level up.
  • Cats have darkvision
  • Crit: max damage + what you roll (on weapon/spell damage)
  • Healing potion is a bonus action if used on yourself
  • Cap on fall damage is 150d6
  • When you turn invisible and move from your current square, you can choose to roll a stealth check without using the hide action in the same round. Any subsequent attempts at hiding must use the hide action.
  • Lucky feat w. disadvantage: You roll an extra d20, eliminate any of the three, and use the lowest of the two remaining.
  • Death saves are rolled in secret, and only known to the player at 0hp and the DM.
  • Changing your weapon or drawing two weapons at the same time is a free action.
  • Inspiration can be used before the roll, or after the roll, but before knowing the outcome.
  • Grappling Rules
  • Tortle shell defense: While in your shell, attack rolls made against you do not have advantage normally granted by the prone condition.
  • Owlbears are considered beasts.
  • Casting a bonus action spell on your turn does not hinder you from casting a spell with a casting time of 1 reaction (ex. Counterspell) on the same turn. Action spells are still limited to cantrips on the same turn.
  • Being hit by multiple Magic Missiles at the same time only constitutes one concentration check and one failed death saving throw.

Under consideration:

  • If under the effect of a status condition that removes you from play (paralyzed, stunned etc.) that lets you attempt to save a the end of each round, you can take 2 points of exhaustion to break free from the effect at the start of your turn instead.

- What did we miss in Venomfang's lair?

- What was in the other doors in Stairs of Aranon?

- How about Wave Echo Cave? Anything we missed?

- As Kal sacrifices Penny to take down the Monk in the Stairs of Aranon, the DM laughs manically and sais "I will tell you about this one day!"  
What will you tell us?

-Would Verkenner have been able to follow them into the Stairs of Aranon?

-Why is Willowbark rolling Wisdom saves?

- Because she is being watched by the hags.

-....... Soooooo... Old Owl Well?

- What was the thing the players misunderstood that the DM just went with, and it evolved from there?!

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