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Personnage - Récemment modifié

Jasper il y a 1 semaine

Known as The Immortal, Sir Abrioris has fought entire legions single-handedly and won. He is the most renowned man of this century, and his honor is beyond question. Sir Abrioris Pendragon wears an enchanted platemail. This is widely known, but nobody is sure what the magic does. Reports of his extraordinary achievements at arms are oddly boring, though all who have seen him fight have only said strange and disturbing things. 

"He just went about it like it barely mattered... He looked for all the world like a tired farmhand batting away flies while gathering his strength to finish the harvest."



Lieu - Récemment modifié

Jasper il y a 2 semaines

Although Oldtown does not evoke much nobility of itself, one can glimpse an era of majesty in the ruins of Basom. Despite the utter destruction, the damage does not obscure what was once a city of unparalleled splendor beyond what can be seen anywhere today. 

It remains nestled at the foot of the mountains overlooking Redfenland County. Nobody goes there now, unless they must. It is known by few what doom befell the old capitol, but those who walk through the shattered barbican and return are loath to speak of what they saw in the profaned keep. The Doom of Old Basom is a subject of some dread to the historians who study it.


Race - Récemment modifié

Jasper il y a 2 semaines

Horses have a good bit of variation across the continent. Some have been bred for one specific trait, some are generalists, others are just crap. Best case scenario you can specialize, or strike a nice balance, but it’s a rare (and expensive) animal that has multiple high stats.

Hit Loc # Armor Hit Boxes
Head 10   4-5
Chest 7-9   13-17
L Arm 6   4-6
R Arm 5   4-6
L Leg 3-4   5-7
R Leg 1-2   5-7