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Ural d’Orien, a 4th-level sorcerer, is the seventh son of the patriarch of House Orien, one of the great mercantile families of Khorvaire. In addition to performing duties for the family, Ural uses his sorcerer skills to feed his love for action and adventure.

He recently hooked up with a halfling barbarian (Corrash), a half-elf cleric, and a kalashtar psion (Halharan). Their makeshift adventuring party has foiled a hijacking attempt on a money carriage, defeated an Order of the Emerald Claw cell, and rescued a Mror Holds noble from pirates operating along the Dagger River.

Always flamboyant and somewhat aristocratic, Ural also has a mystical side. His abilities as a sorcerer have led him to search for meaning in the draconic Prophecy. He feels that by working and traveling with other adventurers, he has a better chance to learn more about the source of his arcane skills.

One of the highest peaks of the northern Seawall Mountains, Pargon’s Peak contains a network of remarkable caves said to contain a part of the draconic Prophecy. The Seven Caves, as the Dhakaani and Marguul clans call them, consist of seven huge vaults that seem to be magically dug from the living stone of the mountain. From the First Chamber that can be reached from a cave opening high in the mountain, to the Seventh Chamber that plunges toward the very bowels of the world, the Seven Caves are wondrous and awe-inspiring. Inside each strangely shaped cavern, amazing dragonmarks glow and swirl across the walls, floors, and ceilings. Each cave, in theory, reveals a different series of omens and portents, but few among the goblinoids have the courage to brave these sacred vaults to study them. Anyone who does attempt to enter the Seven Caves must contend with the wyvern colonies that regularly use them to nest and raise their young

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