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An Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign. Set in Thylea, the story follows the Oracle's Chosen as they try to save the world from almost certain destruction and fulfil their own personal prophecies ...




[Written after Helikaon and Calliope found Boreus in the Vineyard and 'agreed' to his deal.]

Septia and Trellus are evil… right? They have kidnapped and murdered children! 

Probably. But… what if they haven’t? 

No, they almost certainly have. 

But that doesn’t mean they should be killed in a glade: they should face proper justice! But justice in the city of Mytros is pretty broken. They would probably just be exiled. For the murder of children! Which just… isn’t a fair response. But then… who am I to judge that? 

No. That is not fair, anyone can see that what the Cult of Lutheria does isn't judged harshly enough. Right? But by taking the law into our own hands, do we not risk becoming tyrants? Much too much like… but that isn’t the same! These are just two terrible people. Not a nation of people… some of which were innocent and some which were… ah… not.

And Boreus doesn’t exactly seem great either though. Should we really be helping him? But then, it would help Kyrah… and the Gods need to be stronger for what is to come. And the Titans weaker. But then, what if the Titans replace the head of the Cult with another one of their children? That Talieus fellow… he is almost certainly worse! 

But can we really just do nothing? Do we even have time to do anything but nothing? Oh, this is awful...

I think I should talk to Helikaon more about this. He was there when the deal was struck and I really do trust his judgement about this kind of thing. You know, I am not sure either of us would have guessed it when we first met, but we seem to share a lot in common - inwardly, if not outwardly - and I think I am rather lucky he is with us. 

Though, thinking about it, his general distrust of Gods and prophecy means I am a little uncertain as to why he is with us…? I suppose the call to save Thylea was just too important to hold on to those.

In any case, I am certain he’ll know what to do.

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