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The commercial area in Oenus Ward known as the Tradefair had been used by traders long before the Emperor decreed that the Imperial Docks fell under government control, but the area's use and popularity grew exponentially as it become the major place for imports to and exports from the city that were heading out by river to the Imperial Sea.  There's an extensive collection of warehouses, many of which belong to the Cornys Family, as well as wharves, drydocks, taverns, and other industries of trading by river.

The Tradefair is also something of a tourist area, home to a number of high class inns, taverns, and other places of entertainment, but only in a smaller area centered around the Market Bridge.  This area is highly patrolled by the Imperial Watch.

Places of Note

The Jewel of the River is a high-end inn that offers both dinner and entertainment, usually musical acts of some kind.

The Gilded Stage is a popular theater, showcasing works of local playwrights.  It is well known for the debut theater of the famous actor, Chalinus Maltinus.

River Tavern is found in an old wooden building with a large sign showing a picture of a river beside a tankard.  Close to the wharf, it's a popular site for traders and river pilots, and not an uncommon place for backroom deals.  The owner and bartender, a portly man known only as Gusto, serves beer, cheap wine, and few basic food items.  Gusto always seems to have spilled drink or food on his apron, but he keeps his handlebar moustache meticulous.

Firelight is a reputable establishment for those seeking companionship.  Its clients have discerning tastes that seek companions for public functions as well as more private encounters. More than one noble from Wyvern Towers has discretely visited.

The Buttered Biscuit is a bakery run by Liam Crow.

Cute As A Button Boutique is a small but popular shop, mostly for refined and tasteful dresses.

The Market Bridge crosses the River Oenus to the Overlook neighborhood of Gravus' Gate.   The tall bridge spans up river from the last of the Tradefair docks.


Art by Rhys Griffiths.

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