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Ethereal Warden

The Saviour of Sha'a-Ale


The Saviour of Sha'a-Ale

Peering into the shimmering waters of the isles, resplendent glory captures the minds of those that spend so much as moments contemplating alongside the alluring deep green seas. A wonderful spectacle of dazzling Jade shards, fragments, and even sands created by the waves of time. Without this beauty, Torlay and the surrounding isles would likely mean nothing of import to most, yet few truly appreciate the magnificence brought onto them and instead treat this diminishing boon as a powerful resource used to fuel their need for greed.

Whilst so many seek to profit off of the Archipelago’s namesake for money and political gain, some thankfully exist to counter those malevolent goals. The Ethereal Wardens as they are called stand together as best they can as a united front against any and all other threats to the sanctity of Sha’a-Ale, including the insidious Dominio Nostro. As the city of Nilince grew, so did the need for a force to safeguard the numerous peoples living within.

Struggling for far too many years, the Ethereal Wardens eventually found their footing with the requirement that sanctioned groups of vigilantes, or “do-gooders” to some, would aid the city’s watch. It has been long enough now that the majority of the protectors across the isles operate this way, rather than being in the direct employ of the guard. Chief Janus Klaratu ensures the law is still upheld by these ragtag bands of misfits, and the denizens of the Archipelago trust her to make the right decisions in doing so for their safety.

Birthed by the stories of an individual whose desire for justice was so strong they literally embodied the virtue of it, the tales many consider to be meant for children speak of a true bastion of hope, one who ended up taking their worst hardship and transforming it into a tremendous force of good to become the Saviour of Sha'a-Ale long ago. Whether truthful or not, the ideals left behind by the concept of the Ethereal Warden was enough to inspire these would-be champions to take up arms, and use both their intrinsic and extrinsic capabilities in doing what they believe to be just.

Said to have been filled with complete pain and suffering, despair soaked the very heart, mind, and soul of the Warden. Different interpretations exist for as to why they were brought into this state of being, but the most “popular” version of their fable says they had lost the love of their life to the greatest threat ever seen in Aastmir as many others had, and with it they lost their sense of purpose too. The Ruby Scourge was an affliction that would take its victims slowly, inflicting unimaginable agony, and creating aberrations from the casualties. The Warden had to put an end to the anguish their beloved had been through themselves, and it resulted in them becoming a broken shell of their former self.

When all seemed hopeless, it was eventually staring into the glistening waters that gave the Warden renewed vigour. Looking back at them they saw their love before them, and it was then they understood that even when all seemed forlorn, the exemplar of everything they believed in would always be with them. From that point on the Ethereal Warden using perhaps more than just memories to push them forward, but also a rumoured manifestation of their dearest Jade Dream, would fight until they finally passed on into legend…

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