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A Goddess Amongst Men


Commanding over fifty years of expertise, there is only one that the masses revere so much outside of the Gods themselves and their chosen Avatars. With a staunch devotion to the cause that illuminates the spirits of Huldan, this individual's signs radiate a blazing hope across the trenches and battlefields to those fighting always for one last day. Their efforts do not eclipse those of any others, but work to instead ensure syzygy under the Celestial Triumvirate.

Solar Guardian of Borealis. Lunar Warden of the Sölan Basin. Stellar Keeper of Domus Penumbra. Exalted Isk-Slayer. Venerabilis Lux in Tenebris. There are countless names that General Sondus Vajdorn is known by, all of which prove to manifest herself as an unwavering embodiment of faith. She is one that has righteously earned her stars in the service of Kälran. Of note is the fifth of these titles references a common motif of the living, "lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt", or "the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it".

There is however a single moniker rejected by Sondus, that of Deus-rex, or God-king. Pious but without zealous fanaticism, she would not deign to desecrate the trust so many have in her by crowning herself as the apex to her observers. Rae, Ien, and Jul are the ones deserving of such dedication in her eyes, and through her ardent fervour she projects herself more as a resplendent lodestar, preserving the last safe harbours.

Through boon or blessing, mastery or virtuosity, her insight and prowess into the ways of the Light accompanied by a keen aptitude in sword-fighting techniques reveal Sondus as a transcendental champion of the free peoples. Very few alive are capable of matching up in the art of war, and even fewer have managed to live so long through untold assaults as she has, let alone to be the one spearheading both sides so often.

One passionate soul can be considered a close match for Sondus’ vigour, that of her wife, Colonel Helvej Marjist. Together in mind, but their matter kept far apart by the needs of the realm, they have been linked since soon after they both enlisted in the Glacial Knights all those decades ago. A connection is formed between their senses when fate decrees they may melee in unity, and their quintessence is shown to be one and the same – one another – through their entwined hearts.

Deaf since birth, Sondus has not allowed this to define or impede her willingness to do what must be done. Well-versed in lip-reading and sign language, she has attuned her wits to enhance the abilities she holds in other areas, demonstrated time and time again from the frontlines. The sigils woven from her hands are unparalleled compared to most, and it is nearly sure she can turn the tide of any battle when forced to act.

As with many, a third is paramount to Sondus’ life after her belief and her love, that of her own protector and companion, Kyra. A once orphaned labraedor found darting across the frozen wastes. Named after the distant but brightest constellation seen in the night sky, it is her that provided consolation for some time when Helvej was thought dead after a raid by the demons that roam the North. An unusual and honourable member of the Knights, they share a remarkably long life with both Sondus and Helvej in the bond they possess.

A relic of note may be seen to accompany Sondus at all times. Forged long ago by the Master Smith Erda Adalgandr, Sakral Ära forms itself as an extension of the wielder. A truly magnificent blade worthy of only the most adept, exceptional power must emanate for its pure potential to be revealed. Fashioned from tempered frost-steel, adorned with chiselled Raerite, and said to have been soaked in the legendary Världspool, a long-lost sacred spring, it is the piece that completes Sondus in all her majesty.

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