The Areas of Mytros

The City of Mytros was the first settlement founded by the Dragonlords. It was protected by the Goddess of Dawn and grew into a mighty kingdom after the end of the First War. It is the largest city in all of Thylea and the center of commerce, religion, and politics. The Great Games are held outside of the city once a year. The Temple of the Five stands at the center of the city, but in recent years the worship of Sydon has been growing in popularity. The Titan now has his own grand temple that stands across the street from the Temple of the Five.

Mytros is ruled by the mighty King Acastus, the last true descendant of the Dragonlords. Acastus is revered across all of Thylea and he is the husband of Queen Vallus, the wisest of the Five Gods. Through some miraculous feat of magic, he has recently resurrected the race of dragons, which were thought to be extinct since the end of the First War. He now seeks to rebuild the ancient order of the Dragonlords and restore The Kingdom of Mytros to its former glory.

The heartlands are the great plains between Mytros and Estoria - the heart of civilised Thylea. Most of the food grown on land in Thylea is grown here. The north-east part is known as the Wildlands and can be more dangerous.

The City of Mytros

This low-lying district is vastly different from the rest of The City of Mytros  It's clogged, stinking streets are filthy and poorly maintained. Ruffians and vagrants shout threatening words at you as you pass. Signs of drunkenness, violence, and open debauchery are everywhere. 

The district gets its name from the word that many Thyleans use for creatures akin to Humans but are horned —“Stygians.” Five hundred years ago, this district was established as an enclave where Stygians could be corralled, because they were thought to be untrustworthy spies of Lutheria.

The Colossus of Pythor is actually a hollow structure, but it is sealed and guarded. Unbeknownst to the Centurions of Mytros, Inconnu  had tunneled up from the sewers. Her servants built a secret entrance into the interior of the great bronze statue, allowing her to use it as a base of operations. She was evicted when the The Heroes of Thylea broke into the statue but was able to escape without encountering them.

The Nest of the Forgotten serves as a settlement of sorts for medusae, tieflings, minotaurs and other exiles from Mytroan society. They shelter in a large chamber of the sewers, erecting small tents for privacy and cultivating mushrooms and other lightless plants for food. Any other supplies are purchased by Stygians, individuals who can venture out to certain parts of the city without being attacked or arrested.

Organisations of the City

The city of Mytros conscripts a regular army of centurions to enforce the law of the land. The centurions have a history that dates back to the First War when they followed Pythor into battle against the centaurs and gygans. Although the centurions honor Mytros at religious festivals, nearly every soldier prays openly to Pythor, the god of battle. The highest-ranking centurion is Acastus who commands the army and serves as the final arbiter of justice for the city.


King Acastus was able to restore Dragons back to the The City of Mytros.

From then one, a comeptiuon was held and the best of the best among the Centurions of Mytros were chosen to be a part of this burgeoning order. They call themselves the New Dragonlords, in honour to the king’s ancestors.

The Order of Sydon are zealots who revere the ocean titan Sydon above all other gods. They watch for signs from the heavens—lightning strikes in particular—and their priests communicate the will of the ocean god to the council of Mytros. The ranks of the order are filled with heavily-armored paladins who wear cerulean cloaks and golden clasps, but they welcome true believers from any warrior background. The Order wishes only to enforce the will of Sydon, and they have been known to destroy shrines to the Five


The Academy was formed centuries ago and is the center of learning in Thylea. The great wizard Damon Caduceus was one of its founders, but it wasn’t only an institution for magical learning. It was also a place for philosophy and other intellectual pursuits. Now it consists of many colleges devoted to the different schools of magic (divination, evocation, etc.) and to safeguarding the lore of Thylea. It is also a place where Thylea’s interests in theater, song, and other arts are encouraged.

The Temple of the Five was one of the first buildings constructed in the city of Mytros, and is the oldest civic building there. Elected representatives from the districts of Mytros and her outlying villages form a council that meets at the temple every new moon. However, the pattern of civic life is increasingly dictated by the Order of Sydon, who believe that the Temple of the Five should be destroyed in order to appease the Titans. King Acastus has taken no sides in this conflict, but the peace is becoming precarious.

This thieves’ guild operates in the shadows of Mytros. The leader of the cult is someone who calls herself "The Lady of Coins"