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Common Languages

  • Thylean: This is the Common trade language of the world. Spoken by almost everyone. Language of the settler races
  • Giant: Cyclopes, Gygans, and other Giants. Despite dwindling numbers, the Gygan culture left a big impact on the world.
  • Sylvan: Fey creatures, natives to Thylea, the Titans, quite a few settlers as it is the second most common language in the world.

Uncommon Languages

  • Amazon: Amazonians or a descendent. A language unique to the Amazonian culture with roots in the Sylvan language.
  • Aquan: Underwater creatures. Roots in Primordial
  • Celestial: Sirens & Harpies. Celestial & Divine beings. Many Gods.
  • Draconic: Dragonlords and Dragons. Priests of the Five. Super devout worshippers/fans of the Dragonlords.
  • Infernal: Tieflings (called Stygians in this setting), Fiends from the Underworld, Practitioners of Dark Arts, and denizens of the Nether Seas.

Rarely Spoken Languages

  • Abyssal: Creatures from The Hollow World. Demonic beasts.
  • Deep Speech: A language of madness and insanity.
  • Druidic: Druids
  • Primordial: the language of elementals and elemental beings. Used in arcane studies and druidic cultures, and the Father tongue of Aquan. Popular among summoners. 

You are on your own

  • Lost One: Any other unique racial or cultural languages brought from other realms
  • Undercommon: Creatures of the Underdark (Called the Hollow World) just speak Abyssal.


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