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Mortal Kingdom


One fateful day, a flight of powerful bronze dragons arrived on Thylea’s shores, each bearing a great champion from the Old World. These were the legendary warriors known as The Order of the Dragonlords, and they heralded an upheaval that would forever change the history of the Forgotten Land. Within just a few years of their arrival, many small cities were founded, and a half-dozen small kingdoms sprang up along the roads of the western reaches. The Order of the Dragonlords, founded powerful dynasties, and the humble mortals who had once lived in terror of the The Ancient Titans now abandoned their temples and stood tall.

The Kingdoms were The Kingdom of Mytros which is the largest kingdom and currently ruled over by Acastus. The Kingdom of Estoria which began as a military fort but expanded into its own geopolitical force. It currently is ruled by Pythor. Finally, The Kingdom of Aresia, an extremely militaristic culture that has stood as a rival against The City of Mytros for centuries.

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