1. Personnages


The God Of Beauty


Narsus is the lost brother of Kyrah, Pythor, and Vallus. They rarely speak of him, because he is self-absorbed and selfish—obsessed with the incomparable beauty that he attained.


His symbol is a Ivory mask with sapphire eyes.


Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score to Narsus when you expand the god’s influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

  • Finding, collecting, and wearing  new apparel, jewelry, make-up and other cosmetics to make yourself more attractive

  • Creating a piece of beautiful art, preferably of yourself

  • Refining the world around you to render it more beautiful, such as cleaning up a beggar, refurbishing a rundown or abandoned building, or removing hefty amounts of trash and litter.

  • Going out of your way to preserve your self image or piece of art

Your piety score to Narsus decreases if you diminish Narsus’ influence in the world, contradict his ideals, or make him look ridiculous or ineffectual through acts such as these:

  • Willingly allowing yourself to be dirtied, disfigured, or otherwise uglied

  • Defacing art that depicts beauty

  • Putting the beauty of yourself or another creature above that of Narsus


Piety Needed

Narsus' Devotee

Piety 3+ 

Narsus' Votary

Piety 10+ 

Narsus' Disciple

Piety 25+ 

Champion of Beauty
Piety 50+