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Let's get ready to rumble

Session 79


The exact moment the fruits land in the watery swamp with a splash, Adrian and Arcus rush into battle to stop the ghouls from getting to their yummy treats. But, unfortunately, one of the ghouls dodges past Adrian and intercepts Arcus, attacking the drake, while another reaches one of the fruits and quickly gobbles it down.
Zach, deciding that his place in this battle shall not be on the frontline,  hides behind a boulder. He tries hurting one of the ghouls with a force bolt, but it shrugs it off, unaffected.
A bit unexpected, one of the fruits suddenly stands up, revealing its leach-like body, and lunges towards Adrian as if wanting to bite him, but Adrian quickly parries with his sword. A third Ghoul attacks Adrian with a ray of darkness, but his magical hammer blazes, absorbing the full blast.
Sirona steps up to the swamp's edge and summons an orb of ice and fire that starts circling her. Then, she calls forth an icy javelin and sends it flying into one of the fruits, causing it to burst into a bloody mess. Irdien hurries after her, takings out her short bow and infusing the arrow with the magic of her gloves. As the projectile hits one of the ghouls, it bursts into flame. L is quickly by the girl's side, sending a roar of lighting ahead of her before she jumps into combat with the ghoul fighting Arcus. Morbrant joins them, too and together, they manage to, literally, disarm the ghoul, ending with Arcus biting it to death.
In the distance, two ghoul reaches and eats the fruits.
With his opponent now enhanced by Gernichora blood, Adrian takes a couple of masterful swings at the ghoul before him. But, in the meantime, Arcus is hit with another ray of darkness.
Zach decides that this is a great time not to be targeted by things and turns himself invisible, trying to carefully make his way around the swamp and towards the Gernichora's lair.
Another ray of darkness flies over the swampy water towards Adrian, but his hammer lights up again and protects its wielder. Sirona explodes the last of the remaining fruits with another javelin throw before her rainbow halo starts sparkling around her. Irdien fires her short bow again, and L moves up to help Adrian. The two of them quickly finish off the staggered ghoul, but as they do, it emits a toxic gas. They promptly start heading for the next closest enemy to flank and take down.
Morbrant gets intercepted by a ghoul that launches itself upwards to cling to Mara's and Morbrant's necks, strangling him. Sirona yells at it to leave her uncle alone and saps it with another ice spear while Irdien runs up and stabs it with her dagger. Mora helps free her grappled rider by stomping at the foul monster, and Morbrant swings his hammer hard enough to finally put the veil things in the ground. Irdien looks around, trying to determine what's happened to Zach.
The Gernichora is watching from the entrance of its lair as Zach is taking a close look at its pulsating body. He reckons it might be a good move to try and bash through its abdomen. However, he is not close enough to do so and instead starts casting Feather fall in preparation.
In the heat of battle between the ghouls and Adrian, L and Arcus, Arcus gets severely wounded and looks staggered. From the looks of things, he won't be able to take many more hits.

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