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  1. Journaux

Shuffling in an abandons temple and the Gernichora's lair

Session 78


The group makes sure to fill their pockets with some vials of holy water and potions. Before heading out Morbrant gives Adrian instruction on where to go to find the halfway point at the old temple ruin. Then he ask if Sirona could lead them in a prayer.
Getting everyone situated inside the portal except for Adrian they test to see if the magical cards can help them stay in communication during the journey, but the connections appears severed by the closing of the portal.
The camp's prepared decoy maneuver starts and Adrian uses it as planed to sneak unnoticed into the bare and unfriendly looking woods beyond the palisade. Meanwhile the rest of the party tries to get some rest inside the portal.
once Adrian arrives at the temple he takes a lap inside to make sure that it is safe. There isn't much left of it. It has no roof and the cemetery is completely overgrown. He spots a side chapel that seems intact but as he approaches the door to it he hears movement form the other side. Adrian silently opens the portal and signals the others to stay quiet whilst trying to convey the presence of something close by. Morbrant strongly advice against opening the door. whatever is on the other side seems to be kept at bay by it. It dawns on the group that this temple may have been the one that Jak read about in the Shadow port library, that could hold the original documentation about the Order of the Death priest. What remains of the wall decorations and iconography suggests a presences of necromancy in Morena's domain. It is decided that the mission is to important to delay and that the group can investigate the temple ruin further on the way back. Sirona picks up a broken of piece of wood from the rubble to keep as a relic memorabilia while Morbran gives Irdien a description of the next part of the trek. She will be the one that gets them the last way to the swamp. Irdien gives him a piece of candy before accepting the portal key and heading out alone, the rest of the group once again inside a pocket dimension. Morbrant and Adrian starts up a conversation when Adrian hands over the magical oil jug and mentions that he is dating Sirona. Morbant decides to make sure that this young man is a good match for his nice and they start talking about values and upbringing.
Following the river outside the temple Irdien finds the swamp after an 8 hour walk. There is now 13h left on the clock to save Ertherin. She opens the portal and the group reunite coating their weapons in holy water and making other various preparations. Mobrant even brings out a full sized Kelp horse from a still pool of water.
As they approach the pond they spot Ghoul-like creatures eating and a hideous thing covered in leeches looks straight at them. It throws fruits towards the ghouls who starts to frenzy in their hurry to get their hand on the infused treats.

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