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It's A Small World (After All)

Session 77


Morbrant Faron turns out to be a human in his late 30s or early 40s with a shaggy beard and rings under his eyes telling the tale of a rough couple of nights. It is clear from his mannerism that he is a full-blooded soldier as he marches in and offers a salute to the commander. On his shield is an emblem of his mercenary guild. It's a symbol Rose immediately recognises belonging to the company that subdued his home island and helped force them under the Empire's rule. He quickly steps behind Irdien but can't stop glaring at Morbrant. His familiar stealthily flings a fist full of its poo at Morbrant's back. Morbrant only notices it when the creature tries to throw a second load. He waves his black helmet at it scaring it off.
The group starts actively planning for the mission.
Adrian suggests that all but him should go inside the Portal where Arcus and Rat live. Then he will travel alone for the first 8 hours to the monastery for Morena while the party can rest. Then, they will switch at the sanctuary, and Adrian will be inside the portal while Irdien sneaks the rest of the way. Sirona is worried that Adrian will be discovered and in danger but is reassured that he will open the exit for them if he's in trouble. Irdien also points out that with the cards L has, he can be in touch.
Visiting the Quartermaster, the group find some handy items to aid during the quest. Adrina gets a new maze and a cloak, L receives a new shield, and Rose finds a staff. Unfortunately, Irdien and Sirona do not equip anything new. While at the Quartermaster, Rose trades his grandmother's scull for the magical wizard staff. The exchange is very absurd but accepted. The skull spews all profanities it knows in its home language, but for every second the head is away from the boy, Rose seems to grow more relaxed and confident.
Just as Rose finally stands his full height for perhaps the first time in his young life, Morbrant confronts him over the familiar that once again tried to fling poo at the soldier. Rose explains what the mercenary symbol means to him but adds that he is conflicted by it as he wanted an excuse to leave home, and weirdly enough, the occupation gave him that way out.
The men agree to be civil, and Morbrant leads the group over to the mess tent for some food before the departure. While sitting down, Morbrant notices Sironas's Prayer book and holy symbol for Morena and comments that he, too, is a devoted follower. He has some of her prayers inscribed on his armour. He inquires about her feathers, and as Sirona responds, he becomes unsettled and a bit on edge. He quickly fetches himself a beer and empties the whole mug before revealing to the group that he is married to Sirona's mother's sister, as in HE IS HER UNCLE!

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