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What happens to a world built on magic, filled with fantastical creatures, protected by powerful beings carrying motes of a dead god, that finds itself on the verge of an industrial revolution?The world of Ysterra is one with a chaotic history. Founded by a dying god-like being worshiped elsewhere in the multiverse, they desired to preserve a world from the influence of beings such as them. They did this by seeding the nascent world of Ysterra with the remnants of their deific essences. These essences were to be born throughout the existence of the world as powerful primal beings whose sole purpose is to protect Ysterra and its denizens from the rest of the multiverse, to allow the world to evolve. These Primals have spent the eons since guarding the world, fending off gods and planar beings alike, and shepherding the evolution of Ysterra, but this protection has come at a cost.The world today is not what it once was. The Aluvance, a cataclysmic event resulting from th ...

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