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『将軍の首をとれ』A game set in feudal Japan, when the Daimyo, great men and families with ambition rise up to rival the Shōgun.This uses the rules Blood & Honor, by John Wick as a base. 掟 Rules for the Shōgun's HeadThe primary source of historical information is taken from a hand-printed map of the late-Edo period ...

帝 Mikado, Emperor

公家 Kuge, Nobles

将軍 Shōgun

執権 Shikken, Regent (held only by Hōjō)

探題 Tandai, 

守護 Shugo, Governor

地頭 Jitō, Landowner

侍 Samurai

家臣団 Retainer Band

  • 総大将 Commander-in-Chief
  • 家臣 Vassal
    • 一門 Daimyō Relatives
    • 譜代 Inner Lords
    • 外様 Outer Lords
  • 近習 Retainer

奉行 Bugyō, Commissioner

  • 軍奉行 Ikusa, Comm. of War
  • 槍奉行 Yari, Spear Comm.
  • 弓奉行 Yumi, Bow Comm.
  • 鉄砲奉行 Teppō, Arquebus Comm.
  • 船奉行 Fune, Ship Comm.

大将 Taishō, General

侍大将 Samurai General

足軽大将 Ashigaru General

組 Kumi, Unit

頭 Kashira, Captain

侍頭 Samurai Captain

足軽頭 Ashigaru Captain

組頭 Kumi-gashira Lieutenant

騎馬 武者組小頭

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