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A dragon, unleashed from its subterranean prison. A devil, colluded with. A city, overthrown.

This is the tale of a band of adventurers.

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Why go to Nurilba?

Nurilba is large trade hub accessible from the road, by sea, and from the river, making it a popular location for merchants.

And with merchants come many trades to supply them with goods, armed folk to protect the caravans, armed folk to steal from them, and everyone in between!

If you need something from far away, Nurilba is likely your first stop. And if you need to get far away it's a great place to stop too.

Who's in Charge Here?

Nurilba is ruled by The Merchants Guild and has managed to protect its self-rule with sword and coin.

The Bondsmagi have also set a firm hold in one neighbourhood and the Merchants Guild has found it best just to leave them be as long as they pay their dues.

Why did Nurilba flourish?

  • Its location on a leyline enhances magicks depending on a variety of factors. Though the scholars who understood it best are either dead or a Bondsmagi.
    • However, the simple spells of work in the shipyards are seen as unimportant to the Bondsmagi.
  • Its climate in a warm basin
  • The eventual constructions of:
    • A fortified port
    • Shipyards
  • Which in turn are thanks to its deep harbor
  • Not ruled by any laws but its own
  • Lower taxes than other nearby ports such as Khar (at one point)

This province is the one most recently invaded by the Giants as they push north from the mountains.

Main Road from Gulukk to Rangarh is "Riverrun Road" - cobbled several empires ago, the earth is reclaiming parts of this road and the ruts of the wagon are slowly filling with earth

Lays claim to the forest of the Emerald Sea and its corresponding forest in the mortal realm in the Land of Giants.

Vetekus is serpentine, he slithers, glides, and flows over the terrain. Making little noise when he wishes.

The party has worked for him and helped expand the Emerald Sea once. They are currently avoiding fulfilling his last request.

Random Entities (Person, Place, Random)

Accessible from a small station (basically a roof) are the Tabuk Lifts.

Two elevator platforms sit side-by-side at the edge of the Karn Slums, providing public access to Tabuk.

One elevator can hold a loaded two-horse cart with enough room for a few handlers to stand on the platform, used for freight and construction. The other can hold a handful of people comfortably.


The elevators are powered by cranks, however after a call for inventions, each elevator platform is additionally powered by a different technique.

The Errich's students realized that binding an earth elemental to the crank could provide the power needed to operate the passenger elevator platform.

The Ironhammers crafted the mechanical system used by both.

Around this time there was an informal harvest festival as crops ripened around this time. Feasts were held on several days throughout the week along with merchants coming to town and farmer's bringing in their produce to sell.

The formalization of this festival was created in 23 645, on year after the coup of Thoradin Karn, and lasts a full week. The folk of Karn petitioned to combine the harvest festival with a celebration of the new government.

This festival now runs a full week, though the main celebration begins on the Twinskiss of Frostcall.

Festivities include cooking competitions, wizard fireworks, drinking, parties, and a feast.



A city-state created barely a millenium ago. This desert city sits upon the great river flowing through the desert.

Once the location of Tabuk, an ancient human city, Karn was built over top of Tabuk (quite literally). The dwarven clan, Karn, has ruled this place for over one thousands years with an iron fist.

Most recently a group, along with scores of black swords from the Avarice Isles. That day, coin claimed the leadership of Karn.

For the past 5 years, a council has ruled.

Arcane Studies and Professionals

Anyone can join Alkarnum for a reasonable fee.

The goal is for it to be free to take lessons until level 3, then you must join the guild and pick a mentor/school of magic to study.

Becoming a mentor reduces the fee.

Thanks to generous gifts, a new wing/tower has been opened, now named the Velbinex Tekalo Wing, as he was given naming rights.


Recently Alkarnum has been investigating the possibility of Freedom of Knowledge.

Currently one must pay a high fee and take entrance examinations to join the guild. The concept of giving base magic knowledge to all was started by Velbinex and Vax.

Recently they began construction of a new wing/tower of the school (naming rights go to Velbinex)

Generous donations from Velbinex and Vax into a new fund have reduced the costs to an affordable sum for all people of Karn. The dream is to provide it all for free.

Prior to the council, the City-state of Karn was ruled by a single leader, the dictator Thoradin Karn.

After our heroes removed him during The End of Karn, they created a council to rule the city instead.
There are 11 seats including a head of the council, (originally) all of our heroes, representatives from various aspects of life in Karn, and (due to Cendis' deal with Berroven) an appointed seat by an Ice Devil.

The representative seats are voted on by the citizens of Karn. If anyone leaves the council, the remaining council will vote as to who should replace that person or seat (until another election occurs)


The Seats

  1. The People
    • to represent the commonfolk's interests
  2. Industry
    • to represent businesses and their interestes
  3. Dissatisfied
    • to represent the old rebellion members
  4. Religious
    • to represent the interests of all religions that can now practice in Karn
  5. Covenant
    • to satisfy the agreement that was made with Berroven
  6. Arcane Seat
  7. Militant
  8. Alliance
    • to represent the interests of allies (like an ambassador?)
  9. Impoverished
    • to represent those who have various troubles and live in the slums
  10. Heroic
    • to represent the ideals of Good and Law by Hikari
  11. Ruler
    • to give a head for the rest of the council to advise

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