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Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
febrero 14, 2020
Release 0.31.1
febrero 9, 2020
Release 0.31
enero 28, 2020
Roadmap Early 2020
enero 13, 2020
Release 0.30.2
enero 11, 2020

Version 0.15.0

Version 0.15.0

febrero 1, 2019

Ever created a location, mentioned it in various other entities and than decided to change the location's name, only to now have to update all of the entities mentioning the location?

If so, than I've got some good news for you!

New Features

  • Auto-update mentions: Mentioned entities now automatically have their name and preview tooltip update when a big change occurs! Please note that this always takes up to a few seconds to replicate the changes everywhere, depending on how many places mention the entity. #278
  • Social to Email: If you log in using a social provider (Facebook, Google, Twitter), you can now switch to using an email and password instead. This interface is available in Profile > Account. This allows users registering with a social provider to delete their accounts. #178


  • Sharing: When sharing a public page in Discord, Whatsapp of other apps, the preview will now contain the entity's name, description and image.
  • Maps: New icons and icon preview in the dropdown.
  • Relations: The relations text was bumped from 45 to 191 characters long.
  • Quick Creator: When creating a family, the parent family option is now available.
  • Videos: Adding videos from Youtube and Vimeo is now possible in the various entry fields.

Bug Fixes

  • Tags: When editing an entity and opening up the quick creator interface, the Tags field no longer breaks.
  • Move Entity: When moving an entity from one type to another, it no longer generates an error and creates a duplicate if that entity had an attached image.
  • Account Password: It is no longer possible to set a password for the account when using a social login, as it caused issues.
  • Text Editor: The text editor has been updated to fix a few issues with mentions, tables, selections and on mobile.

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