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Version 0.14.2

Version 0.14.2

enero 23, 2019

New Feature

  • Quick Entity: A new "Quick Creator" menu allows a campaign member to quickly create an entity without having to leave the current page from any page in the app. #274
    • Notes are the only entity which contains a very simple "entry" field with no formatting to keep the app and workflow fast. #275


  • Families: Added a "parent family" field and a "nested view" interface. #276
  • Quests: Added a "nested view" interface.
  • Organisations: Added a "nested view" interface.
  • Races: Added a "nested view" interface.
  • Calendars: The comment field in calendar events has been increased from a maximum of 45 to 191 characters.
  • Calendars: Added a "Events" menu to see all calendar events as a list.
  • Entities: When adding/editing/deleting an entity note or entity file, the "last updated at" time of the entity is updated.
  • Characters: The "Dead" column now shows the skull icons rather than the checked circled in the various interfaces.
  • Characters: The "Quest" menu entry now also counts and shows quests where the character is the "quest giver".
  • Maps: Ability to close the description panel and return to the full view of a map.
  • FAQ: Ability to link directly to a FAQ, with the goal of adding more links to the FAQ in the various interfaces.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendars: Leap years are now properly calculated when calculating on which day the current month should start or when the next full moon should occure.
  • Calendars: Multi-day events can now spill over to the first month of another year when they occure on the last month of a year.
  • Calendars: Events can be added to negative years, the weekly offset is fixed for negative years, and entity events in negative years properly display the date.
  • Permissions: Entities that are deleted now also delete the permissions related to that entity. This change isn't visible to users but will avoid the database being cluttered with usless data.
  • Dashboard: A button to go to the dashboard setup interface has been added for mobile users.

A huge thank you to all the amazing Patrons who make these frequent updates possible thanks to their support on Patreon! As always, feel free to join us on Discord to be part of the conversation.

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