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An accomplished dinosaur rider from the Talenta Plains, Corrash the 4th-level halfling barbarian adventurer has brought his “uncivilized” ways to the very center of Khorvaire society. After his father dishonored himself by fleeing from a battle against Karrnathi troops during the Last War, Corrash left the Talenta Plains to prove himself to the rest of his clan. He has taken up a life of adventuring with a group of other outcasts—a half-elf cleric, a human sorcerer, and a kalashtar psion—and currently operates within Sharn.

Corrash and his band often wind up taking jobs or pursuing quests that are over their heads. Though they have had success in these areas, they have also suffered setbacks and injuries along the way. The halfling hopes to someday find a patron for his band, someone to fund their exploits so they can spend more time adventuring and less time seeking the resources they need to keep them on the job.

Corrash maintains a connection to his homeland through the clothes he wears and the weapons he wields, but his most beloved memory of the windswept plains is his companion beast, the fastieth dinosaur Razoreye. The fastieth is sometimes the object of vile looks in the City of Towers, but Corrash wouldn’t have it any other way.

The more time Corrash spends away from the Talenta Plains, the less he wants to go back. He enjoys the comforts and opportunities available in Sharn—especially the chance to swing his battleaxe in glorious combat.

When people think of inquisitives, House Tharashk usually springs to mind. Kalaash’arrna (NE male half-orc rogue 4/master inquisitive 3), a cunning man with the Lesser Mark of Finding (locate object, locate creature), runs Information Acquisition (Lhash’ta’raak in the orcish tongue) for the house. As the name implies, InAc specializes in information gathering—shadowing people, digging up dirt, and similar, often unsavory tasks.

Kalaash’arrna never betrays his clients; however, he is completely ruthless when it comes to fulfilling his contracts. Kalaash comes from one of the poorer families of the house. The success of InAc directly reflects on his family, and he is determined to prove his value to the house.

While Kalaash serves as the primary inquisitive at InAc, he employs four lesser inquisitives, all unmarked members of House Tharashk (both humans and half-orcs). These include two 2nd-level rogues and two 3rd-level experts.

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