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The World of Eberron, adapted from the canon material and progressed by my campaigns. Also includes the rules for my homebrew system "Dragon Tactics", which is a heavily modified version of D&D 4e.

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The people of Karrnath are stoic and grim. Karrnath is a nation of storms and long winters, and Karrns are accustomed to enduring hardship without complaint.

First and foremost, Karnath is known for its military tradition. Strength, strategy, and discipline are the core values of Karrnath. While Karrnath's soldiers may be the finest in the Five Nations, they lack the magical support of Aundair or Thrane, which evened the odds during the Last War. Nonetheless, Karrns are proud of their martial history, and most are convinced that they would have eventually won the Last War.

Karrnath suffered a series of severe food shortages and plagues early in the Last War. This caused the king to embrace the Blood of Vol as the national religion. The priests of this faith bolstered Karrnath’s forces with undead. The current King, Kaius ir'Wynarn III, broke ties with the Blood of Vol and has stopped creating new undead, but Karrnath still has a significant number of skeletons and zombies in service. Many Karrns still follow the faith of the Blood of Vol and approve of the use of undead, but just as many feel that this disgraces Karrnath’s proud military history... and that the necromancers themselves might have been responsible for the famines and plagues.