1. Lugares




The easternmost portion of Stormreach is easily the city’s most unusual subdivision. A massive trench in the ground once demarcated the eastern border of the old city and today marks the start of Coasthold, the domain of House Kundarak. When the dwarves first arrived in force, they found no substantive construction to the north and east of the trench, though they found nothing wrong with the land itself. It was as though previous civilizations intentionally chose to stay away from the plot of land, despite its prime location along the region’s eastern coast. Sensing opportunity, the dwarves approached the Storm Lords with a proposal to purchase the undeveloped land from the city outright. With the help of their allies in the Amanatu family, the deal went through, and House Kundarak immediately set to work on the two massive stone bridges that today link the district to the rest of Silverwall.

House Kundarak owns every inch of Coasthold, from the harbor to the south to the river mouth in the north. The agreement with the city affords the house a number of perks that other houses cannot claim, chief among them being the right to turn away even the Stormreach Guard at their gates. Despite this apparent loss of power, the Storm Lords have all profited from House Kundarak’s presence, and all seem to appreciate the legal loopholes created by having such a reservation in their midst.

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