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The Gilded Stage is a sturdy stone building, standing about three stories tall. It's the largest building on the block by far, making it a prominent structure on the street.  During the night, especially when there is a performance, bright lights shine along the front of the building.  A wide set of steps lined with metal railings lead up to a double side of doors. 

The Gilded Stage is preparing for their next show, "The Sacrifice of Solarian" getting together cast and crew.  Artur Polinus is the author of the play, and manager of the theater. Nestor Soranus is the theater's owner.  Other employees of the theater include:

  • Meriel Ravenstone, the "Card Lady"
  • Kappa Adolus, actor playing the role of Solarian.  Deceased.
  • Chalinus Maltinus, a famous actor playing the role of Ragor.
  • Allora Vasta, an aspiring actress in her first big role, playing the part of Lita, elven warrior woman.
  • Ragor, an Orc and former traveling companion of Solarian. He works as a story consultant and producer.
  • Spruce, a young Nezumi working in the prop department.

There have been Solari protestors outside the building.


Art by Clément Griselain with modifications by the author.

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