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Known as the Imperial Jewel, the capital city of the Sentran Empire rests near the geographical center of the continent at the meeting point of two great rivers, the River Aniene and the River Oenus. Politically, it has diplomats, generals, or merchants involved with every known nation and city-state. Historically, the empire has had its influence felt for a thousand years as it seeks to shape the entire continent into a home for humanity.  And militarily, its armies have marched from the western shore to the eastern mountains, claiming everything in between.

The city is home to nearly 250,000 inhabitants, from noble human families to Nezumi slaves.  The population is 75% Human, 15% Elf or Half-Elf, 5% Nezumi, and 5% other races.  Most elves live in the Sand Enclave, but there are elves and other demihumans integrated into every area of the city.  Many of the half-elves of the city have lived in Sentra for generations—it takes many generations for imperial census takers to ignore the stigma of elven blood in family history.  Dwarves and Caithan are less commonly found.

The city is divided into major districts.  There is the Palatial District, the Tiberim District, and the Whitestone District.

Each district is then divided into wards, which are further separated into Neighborhoods.


Art by Alayna Lemmer-Danner.

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