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Drakonias is a realm within the universe known primarily as the realm of dragons. Although dragons have been known throughout all of the realms, this realm appears to have been dominantly ruled by the powerful creatures. Over centuries, the populations of the dragons began to dwindle and only few sole survivors remained. Until one day...the dragons disappeared and were believed to have gone extinct. No one knew exactly what became of the creatures, but all those of Draconic blood were kept away, disappeared, and soon forgotten about. Drakonias became known as the realm of The Forgotten Dragons.  ...

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A deity, said to have created parts of the feywild that connect to Drakonias. She is the one who created the portal between the two realms. 

Chef's Golem.

Ah, the tritons. Imagine if the elves spent a few centuries far beneath the sea, where their arrogance and pretension could grow undisturbed. At least the tritons spent that time fighting sahuagin and worse, so you know you can count on them in a fight.

Tritons guard the ocean depths, building small settlements beside deep trenches, portals to the elemental planes, and other dangerous spots far from the eyes of land-bound folk. Long-established guardians of the deep ocean floor, in recent years the noble tritons have become increasingly active in the world above.

Aquatic Crusaders

Centuries ago, tritons entered the world in response to the growing threat of evil elementals. Tritons waged many wars against their enemies on the Plane of Water, driving them into the Darkened Depths where they escaped into the crushing pressure and utter darkness. In time, the tritons noticed that their ancient elemental foes had grown quiet. Expeditions to the depths revealed that krakens, sahuagin, and far worse foes had fled the Plane of Water for the Material Plane.

The tritons, driven by a sense of duty and responsibility, would not allow their foes to escape so easily. A great conclave of tritons chose volunteers skilled in weapons and magic as part of an expeditionary force to enter the Material Plane and seek out their enemies.

Those tritons spread across the world’s oceans and established protectorates to watch over deep sea trenches, portals, undersea caves, and other locations where their enemies might lurk. They defeated their foes when they found them and drove the rest into hiding.

With their foes banished to the deepest reaches of the sea, tritons settled in to watch for any sign of their return. Over time, the tritons extended their stewardship over the sea floor from their initial settlements and built outposts to create trade with other races. Despite this expansion, few folk know of them. Their settlements are so remote even merfolk and sea elves rarely encounter them.

Haughty Nobles

As a result of their isolation and limited understanding of the Material Plane, tritons can come across as haughty and arrogant. They see themselves as caretakers of the sea, and they expect other creatures to pay them deep respect, if not complete deference.

This attitude might grate on others, but it arises from a seed of truth. Few know of the tritons’ great victories over dreadful undersea threats. The tritons make little allowance for such ignorance and are delighted to expound upon the great debt others owe them.

Tritons also have a tendency to emerge from their isolation under the assumption that other folk will welcome them as respected allies and mentors. Again, distance drives much of this attitude. The tritons’ limited view of the world leaves them ignorant of the kingdoms, wars, and other struggles of the surface world. Tritons readily see such concerns as minor events, a sideshow to the tritons’ role as the world’s true protectors.

Staunch Champions

Despite their off-putting manners, tritons are benevolent creatures at heart, convinced that other civilized races deserve their protection. Their attitude might grate, but when pirate fleets prowl the waves or a kraken awakens from its slumber, they are among the first to take up arms to protect others.

Tritons readily sacrifice themselves for the common good. They will fight and die for humans, merfolk, and other creatures without question. Their self-absorbed nature makes them overlook the history of other creatures, but they also endure a sense of guilt over allowing the evils of the Plane of Water to enter the Material Plane and threaten its inhabitants. The tritons believe they owe a debt of honor to the world, and they will fight and die to pay it.

At times their fervor and ignorance of the world can lead them astray. Tritons encountering other creatures for the first time can underestimate them, leaving the tritons vulnerable to deception. With their strong martial tradition, tritons can sometimes be too eager to leap into a fight.

Strangers to the Surface

Given their isolation, most tritons have never been to the surface world. They struggle with the idea that they can’t easily move up and down out of water, and the changing of the seasons mystifies them.

Tritons also find the variety of social institutions, kingdoms, and other customs bewildering. For all their proud culture, they remain innocent of the surface world. The typical triton protectorate is tightly regimented, organized, and unified around a common cause. A triton on the surface becomes easily confused by the bewildering array of alliances, rivalries, and petty grievances that prevent the surface folk from truly unifying.

At its worst, a triton’s arrogance compounds the tendency for the triton not to understand the ways of the surface world. It’s easy for a triton to blame baffling social practices on what the triton perceives as the barbarism, weakness, or cowardice of surface folk.

Triton Personality

Far from flawless, these champions of good mean well, but they are easily frustrated by others. You can select, roll, or adapt a triton-specific quirk from the Triton Quirks table. Use the quirk to inform how you portray your character.

Triton Quirks

1You phrase requests as orders that you expect to be obeyed.
2You are quick to boast of the greatness of your civilization.
3You learned an antiquated version of Common and drop “thee” and “thou” into your speech.
4You assume that people are telling you the truth about local customs and expectations.
5The surface world is a wondrous place, and you catalog all its details in a journal.
6You mistakenly assume that surface folk know about and are impressed by your people’s history.

Triton Names

Most triton names have two or three syllables. Male names typically end with a vowel and the letter s, and female names traditionally end with an n. Tritons use their home protectorate as a surname, with the name formed by adding a vowel followed by a “th” to the end of the protectorate’s name.

Female Triton Names: Aryn, Belthyn, Duthyn, Feloren, Otanyn, Shalryn, Vlaryn, Wolyn

Male Triton Names: Corus, Delnis, Jhimas, Keros, Molos, Nalos, Vodos, Zunis

Triton Surnames: Ahlorsath, Pumanath, Vuuvaxath

Triton Traits

Your triton character has the following racial traits.

Ability Score Increase

Your Strength, Constitution, and Charisma scores each increase by 1.


Tritons reach maturity around age 15 and can live up to 200 years.


Tritons are slightly shorter than humans, averaging about 5 feet tall. Your size is Medium.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet, and you have a swimming speed of 30 feet.


You can breathe air and water.

Control Air and Water

You can cast fog cloud with this trait. Starting at 3rd level, you can cast gust of wind with it, and starting at 5th level, you can also cast wall of water with it. Once you cast a spell with this trait, you can’t cast that spell with it again until you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.


You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Emissary of the Sea

Aquatic beasts have an extraordinary affinity with your people. You can communicate simple ideas with beasts that can breathe water. They can understand the meaning of your words, though you have no special ability to understand them in return.

Guardians of the Depths

Adapted to even the most extreme ocean depths, you have resistance to cold damage.


You can speak, read, and write Common and Primordial.

The accuracy of elves is legendary, especially that of elf archers and spellcasters. You have uncanny aim with attacks that rely on precision rather than brute force. You gain the following benefits:

Within the town Greckas of Marktinla there lives a farmer. Alarus, is a notable farmer within the town renowned for supplying food to the Marktinla army. He confronted the crown about how livestock has mysteriously gone missing, suspected a fox or wolf to be at play. A small group of individuals just starting out within a hunting lodge was sent to the location and proceeded the hunt. However, the group failed to return on time. With no word, your group has been sent to investigate and hunt the creature.

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Session Journal

The large scale city where the royal family lives. The city is also filled with a large community of nobles and other notable people. Surrounded and protected by the mountains. It is rumored that this is where the source of the magic night is. 


  • Approximately 30000; primarily human and elven with many mixed races.


  • Chiropetra is ruled by the king himself

Notable Places:

Bluff Farthing

Notable Places:

  • The Warrior and Cup: A shabby commoner's tavern, decorated with dungeon doors.
  • The Pavilion of Sinesop: A grand half-timbered theatre, home of a female human named Vualdisa and her troupe of trained ravens.
  • Oviardich's Carvings: The workshop of a female human woodcarver named Oviardich who specializes in arcane and religious symbols. She also brews potions and elixirs.

Bridge Farthing

Bronzecourt District

Notable Places:

  • Cuso's General Shop: A large shop, built around a shrine of Thirza, Goddess of Harvest and Hanis the God of Storms
  • Ristilda's Pewter: A modest pewtersmith's workshop, built within what was once the feast hall of a long-ruined castle.

Castle Ward

Notable Places:

  • The Warrior and Chariot: A grand Shifter inn, known for the fire elemental which dwells in its hearth.
  • Adardis' Masonry: A large stonemason's workshop, built within a ring of ancient stone monoliths.

Charger's District

Notable Places:

Citadel Village

Notable Places:

  • A monolith of weathered stone, which floats several inches above the ground.

Coin Borough

Notable Places:

  • Laco's Woodwork: The workshop of a male human woodcarver named Laco, known for his intricate puzzle boxes.

Craftsman's Village

Notable Places:

Crystalbell Village

Notable Places:

Demon's Borough

Notable Places:

Scale District

Ford Farthing

Notable Places:

Goldenbell Village

Notable Places:

  • Gerho's Taxidermy: The workshop of a male human taxidermist and leatherworker named Gerho, who is "possessed" by the ghost of a silver dragon.
  • A broken abbey ruins, said to be haunted by the spirits of those slain upon its altar.

Goldendale Ward

Notable Places:

  • The Cathedral of the Astral Lords: A grand colonnaded building, decorated with many holy symbols of carved stone.
  • Finer Things: An elegant tailor and jeweler store, decorated with grotesque pewter gargoyles.
  • The Courthouse: A grand timber and brick building, filled with busy magistrates and advocates.

Greatlamp Farthing

Notable Places:

  • The Spear of Fire: An elegant commoner's tavern, known for the fire elemental which dwells in its hearth.
  • A statue of rune-carved stone, placed to honor a local hero named Tharta.
  • The Inn of a Thousand Names : A grand commoner's inn, which is said to have a thousand doors in a thousand towns, each under a different sign and name. Anyone who enters through a particular door can only leave through that same door, unless they know the innkeeper's secret.

Hell-hound's Borough

Notable Places:

  • The House of Stein: A large scale manor once belonging to the Noble family Sileonto who have long since integrated into the house of Stein
  • Tricks and Whimsy: A two-storey stone-walled theatre known for housing various of theatrical classes and art studios

Knightsgate Borough

Notable Places:

  • Library of Divelinson A two-storey half-timbered building, the home and personal library of a female human sage named Wara. She specializes in the study of legendary heroes and battles.

Lake District

Notable Places:


Mastiff's Borough

Notable Places:

  • The Guilds Meet: An impressive building of stone walls, once an inn house. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local trade guilds.
  • Willi's Woodwork: The "workshop" of a male human named Willi.
  • Arardis' Plants and Specialties: A cluttered potter's workshop, decorated with many of what appear to be eggs.

Pool Borough

Notable Places:

  • An overgrown abbey ruins, said to be haunted by a blood-thirsty vampire.

Pool Farthing

Notable Places:

  • Silver and Gold: A large gemstone workshop
  • The Warrens: Beneath the town streets, a ravine was filled with arched vaults and covered over long ago. It has become populated by the forgotten poor and the dispossessed, and those who seek to remain hidden.
  • Hilda's Arsenal: A two-storey timber and brick building, the workshop of a female human weaponsmith named Hilda. Once a month, one of her weapons mysteriously vanishes from the workshop and is used to murder someone in town. No-one has tracked the weapons back to her yet, but she's near to panic.

Ravensbridge Village

Notable Places:

  • The ruins of a six-sided keep, which appears restored upon the night of the equinox.
  • The Shrine of Justice : A stone arch engraved with the holy symbol of Zuzen, God of Justice, 
  • The War Merchant: The cluttered shop of a female human weapon merchant named Disuinda, known for her collection of strange and exotic blades. It is rumored that the weapons are those of fallen warriors, stolen from distant battlefields by dark magic.

Ravensbrook Farthing

Notable Places:

  • Frino's Clocks: A modest clockmaker's workshop
  • An ancient monolith of dark stone, which shines with a cold light when the town is under threat.
  • Desconocido: A tall tower with walls of fused humanoid bones and skulls. There are many in town who would like to see the ancient tower destroyed, but it seems to be invulnerable to harm.

Silverbridge Borough


South Craftsman's District

Notable Places:

  • The Explosive Pottery: The workshop of a male human named Rewilh, who throws and fires his wares at the same time. He specializes in urns with ash glazes, favored by the gentry for their gardens. It's a place for people to practice their range skills
  • Aralard's Art: The workshop of a female human artist named Aralard, who was once a great wizard from the Frecia academy, but stumbled into a fortune and retired.
  • Mare's Iron: The workshop of a male human blacksmith named Mare, who is rumored to have acquired a young fire centaur to work his forge. They specialize in farming equipment and equipment for mounts.

Throne Village

Notable Places:

Upper Coin Borough

Notable Places:

  • The Broken Fang: An elegant adventurer's tavern, known for the ghosts which haunt its halls.

Upper Drakesgate Village

Notable Places:

  • A monolith of crystal, which floats several inches above the ground.
  • The Garden of Statues: An overgrown garden filled with weirdly life-like stone statues. It is said that a medusa's lair lies somewhere within the hedge labyrinth.

Wood Borough

Notable Places:

  • The Archer and Purse: A large commoner's inn, built within a ring of ancient stone monoliths.
  • A menhir of crystal, placed to mark the Battle of the Quarry.
  • Anard's Pewter: A neglected pewtersmith's workshop, built within what was once the feast hall of a long-ruined castle

The only known time where Desconocido left the Wolf Islands. They came in a time of need as those from Kawit had sought after the area for the magic of the Wolf Islands. The Guardian took care of the invaders alongside allies of Yeezla

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