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Kanka is constantly being updated with new features and improvements, but here are some of the most important ones we think you’ll love.


Visually represent the timelines of your worlds, empires, noble families, or even a single character.

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Characters, Families, Location

Populate the people of your world with characters. Define their allegiance using families and organisations. Build your planets, continents, kingdoms, taverns and fountains with our nested locations.


Every entity can have a complex web of relations with other entities, including secret relations invisible to your players.

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Flora & Fauna

Track the living world of creatures using our Races module, and build a complex ecosystem using our nested Notes.


Create fully custom calendars with the weeks and months you want. Add seasons, weather, moons for flavour and knowing how the world is. Attach entities to the calendar as a reminder with control on how long they last, and how often they occur.

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Want to build cool tools that integrate with Kanka? Head over to the API docs.