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When creating a story, you probably want to keep secrets that your players will only find out about later.

Every entity in Kanka can have Posts, which are displayed below an entity's main entry. This is where we recommend keeping secrets related to the entity.

Kanka secrets

When creating a post, you can set the permissions on who can see it. You can make this only visible to campaign admins, only to you (when co-dming and having secrets from other admins), to members of the campaign (for example if the campaign is public), or visible to all.

You can also override these general permissions by setting individual permissions for members and roles of your campaign. For example, you can allow a player to view and edit a post while also making it only visible to admins. Or you can prevent one player from viewing a post, but allow other players to see it.

Only posts visible to a user will ever be shown to them.

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Other features


Permissions can be set for modules, or for each single entity. Campaigns can also be set to public for the whole world to see.

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Upload maps of your worlds, cities and caves, and add handy markers and links on them.

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Create fully custom calendars with the weeks and months you want. Add seasons, weather, moons for flavour and knowing how the world is. Attach entities to the calendar as a reminder with control on how long they last, and how often they occur.

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