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Inventories & Abilities

Kanka comes with modules for tracking the inventories and abilities of characters, shops and quests.

Every entity in Kanka can have an inventory set up, whether in a character, a location (shops), a quest (loot), or any other use case. When viewing an entity, there is an Inventory submenu which allows you to attach exiting items or free text to the entity.

Kanka inventory

After creating abilities in your campaign, you can attach them to entities. This can also be found when viewing an entity by clicking on the Abilities submenu. From there, you can attach existing abilities to the entity. These will be grouped together by parent ability for ease of use. If you are viewing a character with a race, a button to import the race's abilities will be displayed.

Kanka abilities

Other features

Manage Secrets

Every entity can have several secrets attached to them in the form of posts. These can have permissions to control who sees them, and are visible on the entity's main view to quickly access them at a glance.

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Upload maps of your worlds, cities and caves, and add handy markers and links on them.

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Visually represent the timelines of your worlds, empires, noble families, or even a single character.

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