API Request

Before you can start interacting with the Kanka API, you need to generate a Key by navigating to your Profile > API page in the app to generate a key.

Api Request


Each request to the api requires an oAuth 2.0 token to identify the user. Tokens can be generated in the user's profile page (/en/settings/api).

When calling the API, add the following headers:

    Authorization: Bearer user_token_here
    Content-type: application/json


{warning} Please note that all endpoints documented here need to be prefixed with api/1.0/. For example, if an endpoint is listed as campaigns, you should use


The API is set up to allow a maximum of 30 requests per minute per client. When you exceed this limit, you will be greeted with a 429 error code.

You can increase this limit to 90 requests per minute by becoming a Subscriber.

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