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Describe the location 📍

November 1st 2021 - November 15th 2021

Welcome to our first event of November 2021!

Earlier this year, we asked you to describe the encounter. This time around, we want you to describe the location. What happens here? Is it a portal to the Feywild, an underground lake full of sharkules (shark turtles), the home of a very angry water-gnome?


As previously the winner will not only have the right to be on the jury for the next contest, but will also get the Wordsmith Discord role and will have their campaign featured on our featured campaigns list for a month!

We look forward to seeing your submissions 😊

PS: non-english submissions will be reviewed using online translation tools which can dilute the quality of your submission.

3 entries submitted.

Prompt Winners

Our jury selected the following submissions as winners for this prompt.

Rank Submitter Link to the entity
# 1 Charalampos Koundourakis View submission
Honorable mention Dschäykib View submission
Jay View submission