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  1. Characters

Serenity Ocean (Heledd Celwydd)

Lyre Princess


Heledd found her way to fame the way anyone does, but creating fake rumors about themselves. Early on in her career she discovered her innate magic ability to shift and change the perspectives of those around her. Maybe she had some nymph blood in her family line though she detested any idea she wasn't pure blood. Soon after her discovery of these abilities she started to try and sway the crowds of her hometown Yesse Nór, the great origin of species. Her musical abilities where lacking and many scoffed at her, but as she got more frustrated people started to change their minds. They found her music pleasing to the ear, though the sound from her lyre was no better then that of a newborn skunk. She focused in on this ability to influence and started to spread rumors about a beautiful songstress who painted the winds with her melodies. This woman went by the name of Serenity Ocean and from this moment fourth she took on this as her identity. She spoke rumors like rivers through the city until Heledd ceased to be. Her own parent's were so convinced that they had forgotten they even had a daughter and they worshiped this Serenity.

Years went on and she found herself delighted in her ability to snap as soon as she entered the local pubs and the have drinks thrown her way. One day she was walking through town and a traveling mage spotted her on the path. He looked her way and squinted questioningly. Heledd sprang her charms and started a concert there in the square. People gathered to cheer and listen to the great sounds, but the magician looked disturbed. Immediately she felt a sense of fear as her whole guise was in disarray. People looked upon the cringing mage and started to attack him. The music stopped. Heledd shuffled through the crowd towards the mage. "You here what is true, yes?" The mage nodded slowly, eyes wide with fear of the hypnotist before him. "Take me to learn more." She demanded. The mage nodded and walked onward weary of whether she would follow or not. She stormed after him unsure of her future.

Wandering the wastes of Sardonyx they made their way to the ocean. With her tired eyes and blistered feet Heledd looked up to see a sailing ship held aloft in the sky. The mage went aboard unquestioningly and she hesitantly followed suit. The ship showed her sights beyond anything she had seen before. She felt the clouds on her skins and it felt as many had described her imposturous songs. They made their way to the city of Precipice where the mage explained she would learn both song and magic to build a more honest career. Those who remember her jump up on sight, running her way. Those days are few as of late, but hopes for a new chance hold ground in this floating city.

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