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Hanno is the brother of Candella.

He Fled Nalerius, his home on the back of Pathranaak, stealing the 3 magical stones that kept the island afloat and hidden away in the sky.



Hanno got his dragon at a very young age, after a few years he realized that the dragons in the island don't wish to be the elves' riding pets, but they are there against their will, as slaves. Hanno hated the idea of slavery and confronted his father about it. No one in the island supported Hanno's idea of letting the dragons loose, most of the people thought that freeing the dragons will make them attack the elves and kill them. Furious and frustrated Hanno decided to take matters into his own hands. He believed that the dragons need to be free to choose whether they want to fly with the elves or not, he told his little sister Candella that he's sorry, but he has to go and probably never return. He rode Pathranaak to the hidden vault of the magical stones in the island and smashed them, stealing the stones, and escaping towards Maar.



Hanno's father saw his son grow up to be a rebel, he never supported his actions and usually went against him, one time the two clashed very hard and Hanno was imprisoned for 2 years for conspiring against the island's goals. During his imprisonment Hanno became more driven to release the dragons and got very angry with his father for ratting him out. On the day Hanno escaped Nalerius he murdered his father just after saying goodbye to his little sister, burning his flesh with the fire of Pathranaak's breath.

Reaching Gaka


Upon reaching Maar, Hanno was looking for a place where he could destroy the stones, forcing Nalerius to be grounded for ever and in time the dragons of the island will be able to escape, failing to destroy the stones with any convensional means he turned to magic, Hanno met with Laurence "Lola" Bouderaux, a master of evocation, who told him that the stones may be destroyed in the island of Gaka, she warned him that the island is a very dangerous place and that many who went there never returned. She said that only the most powerful magic may destroy the stones, and for that he needs the most powerful mage she knows, Arthindol. She also warned him that Arthindol is now a Lich and he will probably ask for a sacrifice.

Determined, Hanno decided to find this Arthindol, and ask for his assitance in destroying the magical stones.

He worked for a few years as a mercenary, while using Pathranaak to help him catching his contracts. After he accumulated enough wealth he hired a ship and a crew to go to Gaka with him. He flew to Gaka on the back of Pathranaak and met with the crew a few days later on the shores of Drawlsky, where he thanked Pathranaak for his aid and released him to be a free dragon and do what he wishes.



Passing through the dead town of Drawlsky proved to be a very difficult task without a dragon. The ship's crew almost died completely, only the strongest survived. Hanno, Mordred and 2 mercenaries snuck through the mountains when they realized that the battle of Drawlsky is lost. They made a camp in the south side of the island, near an entrance to a tunnel. Planning their new strategy.



Candella arrives at Hanno's camp in Gaka. After some catching up they decide to go together with Mordred and his 2 mercenaries to Arthindol.


Arthindol's Tower

Hanno, Candella, and Mordred with his 2 mercenaries arrived at Arthindol's Tower. They climbed to the top floor where they met Arthindol himself. Hanno asked Arthindol for 2 things: To destroy the magical stones he carries, and to teleport Candella back to Maar.

Arthindol offered a bargain, for each request Hanno had to pull 2 cards from Arthindol's Deck of Many Things.

Hanno took the bargain and pulled 4 cards: Euryale, Ruin, Knight, and Throne.

After pulling the 2nd card, his possessions turned into ash and disappeared, only the magical stones remained. The stones fell to the floor for they were in his pocket, as soon as they hit the ground the stones shuttered and were permenantly destroyed. Hanno was glad, hoping the dragons of Nalerius will now be able to fight back the Elven oppressors and be free.

Nude, he continued to pull the next 2 cards, after he pulled the "Knight" card, a person appeared next to him, vowing to serve Hanno until death. When Hanno pulled the 4th card Candella suddenly vanished. She was teleported by Arthindol back to the Ace of Clubs in Meadheavan.

Realizing he still lives, Hanno asked Arthindol for one more favor, to be teleported to Candella so they could reunite. Arthindol said that Hanno may either pick 2 more cards from the Deck or sacrifice his newly aquired servant. Hanno chose to sacrifice the person who vowed to serve him. Arthindol lifted his skeletal arm and took the soul of the person in an instant, leaving him as a husk of his former self, making him a Zombie. As soon as the person died Hanno was teleported to the Ace of Clubs.


Ace of Clubs

Hanno woke up in Ace of Clubs next to Candella. She introduced him to her friends from Shrok'lakelev who just arrived in the bar.

After some greetings Candella gave Hanno 30gp and left with her friends, leaving him to his own affairs in Meadheavan.

Hanno's new goal is to start a buisness.



One morning as Hanno was travelling through the streets of Meadheavan, he encountered 2 Shadow Demons as they were attacking the town. He panicked and ran into the closest sewer.

He was hiding in the sewer for a few minutes as the Shadow Demons passed him by, a few moments later he heard fighting, and then the familiar voice of his sister Candella, he came out of hiding and joined Shrok'lakelev who rescued and escorted him to the Chapel of Lathander to recover while they fight off the Fiends that are attacking the town.


Chapel of Lathander

On the middle of the night a massive force of Fiends attacked the Chapel of Lathander, Hanno helped defend the southern front along side with Roland and a few civilians. They fought for hours until Shrok'lakelev joined the fight to help out.

Sadly, it was too late for Hanno who died defending the Chapel.

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