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  1. Locations

Kel, Chiefdom's of



The Kingdom of Kel was once know as the Chiefdom's of Kel before the Hand of Ubris showed up. They took the country by storm much like an invasion, though they came under the guise of peace and friendship. Then once a church or two were errected, they brought in their military. Quickly outmatching the Chiefdom's own military power. Then they began to pry their way into the natives every day lives. Calling their traditions and spiritual practices into question. However, they did it gingerly at first, then as they gained footholds in trade and politics the became more heavy handed, pun intended.

The Chiefdom's of Kel were divided into six chiefdom's, now called counties. They were Ravengrave, Douglas, Mac Down, Argyle, O'Quinn, & Rowan. Then the Hand of Ubris got into the clan leaders heads and talked of joining the Chiefdoms under one banner and appointing a Monarch. They said it was progress, they said it was what the hand pointed too. Kel, was resistant at first but in time gave in to the foreign ideas. Soon the Chiefdom of Argyle was renamed Osryn, after the traditional name of the god of the Hand of Ubris.

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