1. Characters

Felix Rossy

Thrill Seeker
Player Character


Why pay for my mistakes?

I get them for free.

A strange tattoo

Felix found that a strange phrase has been tattooed on his body three times. "Let all mortal flesh keep silence." First, around the ankle in English. Then, around the kneecap in Hebrew. Lastly, Around the hip in Greek.

Cairo seemed to think it meant something else. A threat against Alicia Thompson?

You dreamt as you always do. Nightmares plagued you, though this one felt significant. A woman, a lab coat black as midnight standing out amongst the sea of white, stood over you. The leather straps that bound you to the cool, metal table felt all too familiar against your wrists and ankles. You weren't sure if its you or the dream you, but the feeling was almost comforting. The woman bent down, her cherry red lips drew your eye, the rest of her face a blur. Her lips were full, plump even, and they glittered with gloss in the stark, white light of the operating room. She kissed you on the forehead, the pang of loss as you couldn't see her lips anymore melting under the heat of her breath and the lingering feeling of her lips pressed against your skin. She moved, slowly, brushing your hair away from your ear. Her lips lingered there, just barely touching you, as she whispered.

You can't focus on the words, and you wouldn't understand them if you could. No, you melted in your restraints and reveled in the feeling. Carnal pleasure like you hadn't felt in who knows how long pulsed through your nerves, setting them alight. In those first few moments, you burned under this woman's alien words, your skin flushing sweet red and covering itself in gooseflesh. Though, the pleasure wasn't alone. Following behind, slowly pouring into your veins like ice water, was the pain. You writhed and twisted against the restrains now. Fire and ice worked in your body, your flesh flowing, ripping, and knitting back together. Briefly, deep in the pit of your stomach, you felt an odd dance as your organs moved to accommodate something new.

The feeling of pleasure and pain emanating from the woman's lips faded. Not because she stopped speaking, but because the feelings were overwhelmed by the fire radiating out from from this new place. For an seemingly unending moment, you felt the heat spreading throughout your arteries. It pooled, settling in your lips, your heart, and your groin. For one ecstatic moment, you knew that you could do what this woman was doing. But then, the alien nature of her speech turned from unfamiliar to disturbing. Cold void, empty of meaning and purpose, blossomed from her lips and ripped into your mind. Consciousness was torn from you. Your vision faded away into black. As if through a thousand layers of cool, comforting silk, your could still feel your body. You could feel some of the heat draining away through your wrist. In the smothering void, you could see a single, palely glowing string. It trailed out of where you imagined your wrist was. It followed the heat, winding out into the void.

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