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Expeditions 9 and 10 - Doric's Account


Hi Mummy,

I've been doing well with my new chums. Yesterday we went back down that ghastly fortress to explore a bit more of it. It was absolutley gross, no one had cleaned down there in years - I say a good once over by Tilly the housekeeper and the place would be good as new!

Anyhoo, we went down into the dungeons (very à la mode these days in the adventuring world) and fought a few rakish ghouls. Naturally I led the charge, felling one quickly with a bolt of magical energy and picking up its axe to take another couple of the disgusting creatures down before letting my allies clean up the rest. Huzzah! 

We've made quite a bit of pocket money, enough for a few piss ups with the boys when I get back. 

See you soon mum, 

Lots of love,

your favourite child,

Dori xoxoxoxo

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