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the mighty Hero


The mighty hero Borg, who was on the hunt for Orcs, travelled to the town of Aburg. To his surprise, the town was full of people who celebrated Highharvestide.

Example of a mention:

He is part of the Borgins familiy.

Example of a mention with different displayed text:

The mighty hero has come to the Town Aburg.

The mighty hero has come to the Town Aburg.

Example of a field reference:

Borg was known as the mighty Hero.

Borg Pronouns: HIM

Borg Name: Borg
Borg Title: the mighty Hero
Borg Family: Hucks
Borg Race: Orcs
Borg Location: Aburg
Borg Tags: Borg
Borg Type: NPC
Borg Age: 12
Borg Gender: male
Borg Pronouns: HIM
Borg Dead: Borg

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Example of referencing attributes:

HP: 42

Monsterkills: 102

item Entry: Unknown


Borg was famous for his hunt for Orcs.

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