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In order to further his obsession with "cleaning up" the unnatural, Rogue Agent David Yow assembled a Task Force, nicknamed by the FBI as "The Outlaws", illegally drawing resource from the departments of Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, and the Treasury among others.

The first task assigned to Susan Palmer and Cornwall (Zero) was to Clean Up Clyde Baughman's Apartment which led to the incident at Clyde Baughman's Cabin with what was probably Marlene Baughman and maybe now a Dog on the loose, which led the REAL FBI to initiate OPERATION "Spreadsheets and Coffee" which didn't end so well, with Agent Yow still on the run from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most of the team dead after the arrival of a Murder Hobo that was Tom Tucker who was dispatched by "The Lockart Entity"

Susan Palmer and Edward Hung survived the incident.