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Nobility of Waterdeep

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Orc-kin Pantheon

The Calendar of Harptos

The Code Legal

The Grand Games



  • Address

    East Midcastle, Castle Ward

  • Lifestyle


  • Here's an overview section!

  • Class Druid (Circle of Spores)
  • Level 5
  • Race Tiefling (Zariel)
  • Attributes

  • Strength 7
  • Dexterity 12
  • Constitution 14
  • Intelligence 14
  • Wisdom 16
  • Charisma 15
  • Waterdeep’s laws are necessarily extensive, covering a wide range of possible crimes and situations, as tends to be the case in a place where so many have lived and traded for so long. The bulk of the city's body of law concern legislature regarding property, succession, taxes, and civic administration.

    The most well-known laws, however, are those listed within the Code Legal. These concern Waterdeep's criminal law, summarized for useful shorthand for residents and (more importantly) visitors to the city.

    Adventurers hell-bent on slaughter and plunder won't fare well in the City of Splendors, as the punishments for assault, arson, theft, and murder are severe, regardless of the reason for the crime.

    All laws are interpreted and enforced by the Magistrates of Waterdeep, who number around thirty members at any given time. The Black Robes, as they're known, spend their days at the Common Courts of Waterdeep Castle, at the Cynosure, and at each of the city gates—the River Gate, South Gate, North Gate, West Gate, and Trollfort.

    Murder and other severe crimes—suspicious deaths, sexual assault, misuse of magic, kidnapping, and so on—bypass the Magisters and go directly to the Lord's Court, where they are arbitrated by at least two Masked Lords and the Open Lord.

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