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This product is intended for both players and Dungeon Masters to lay out the rules for lockpicking and to provide additional items such as mundane and magical locks, lockpicking tools, and spell options. The following sections are included:

  • The Rules. This is a summary of the official rules (Rules as Written), unofficial rules (Rules as Intended), and a few homebrew rules related to locks and lockpicking.
  • The Art. This summarizes the various ways to gain proficiency in thieves’ tools.
  • The Locks. This provides several mundane and magical locks.
  • The Tools. This is a summary of various tools used in lockpicking.
  • The Spells. Several spells can be used to either lock or unlock objects.
  • Waterdeep. While every city of size likely has locksmiths, this provides details on the City of Splendors’ locksmith guild and its most famous lock merchant.

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